Our House Is A Very Very Fine House

I asked Ethan if he remembered living in our first home.  It was a 3 story townhouse that we had lived in for the first 5 years of our marriage.  Ethan was three w4571_1072908778569_226037_nhen we moved to our home in the woods, Noel had just turned one. Ethan told me he remembers the townhouse kitchen, living room and daddy’s motorcycle.  They were such cutie pies!  When we moved to this house, we had a lot of work to do.  Family and friends helped us move and paint nearly all the walls.  Flooring needed to be replaced, a pole building was built, and grass was planted.  We’ve been here for 12 years.   That doesn’t sound like a long time.  But so much life has been lived!  We’ve had Easter egg hunts, birthday parties, campfires, cookouts, and celebrated Jason’s graduation from police academy. The kids have ridden their red Power Wheels Jeep, pink moped, bicycles, and dirt bikes.   They have flown kites and drones, thrown footballs and lacrosse balls, jumped on their trampoline. Big buck and not so big buck have been taken here on our property.  Beloved dogs have been buried and a wild pet rabbit has been released (Kisses, the killer mini rex rabbit.  Don’t worry my PETA loving friends, I’m sure Kisses is thriving well, eating all the lions and tigers and bears.  In natural selection, she has surely survived).  My porch has been my sanctuary, over looking the front yard and my gentlemen trees.  The breeze through the leaves has a calming affect and the way the sun filters through the Autumn colors makes the leaves look like stained glass. We are protected from the direct heat of the Sun and the harsh winds outside the embrace of our tree lined property.  But it is not dark here, we have plenty of sun.  We have experienced new firsts like the first bus ride to school, the first time Noel rode without her training wheels (Ethan took them off and taught her), our first kitty.  Ethan shot his first buck on our property with a crossbow and a year later, he shot his first monster buck here as well. 


We have celebrated, laughed, known joy.  We have grieved, stressed, and known sadness.  There have been kick back and rest days and hard work split the wood type days. This place holds so many memories.  And I have to remind myself that the memories lie within our minds, with the pictures that we have.  That, though we have decided to leave this place, we are not leaving the roots that we have established as a family.  


4 thoughts on “Our House Is A Very Very Fine House

  1. Congratulations on your new journey….keep those memories of your gentleman trees, Kisses the killer rabbit, your porch and those woods flowing through your mind. But remember [coming from a gypsy who’s moved plenty of times] you’re going to make new memories. And the most important memory….is the one with your family. Especially your husband. ❤

    1. Yes!! I will keep reminding myself that, its part if what keeps me moving forward with it. Thanks Lisa, I’m glad to have your encouragement and advice!

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