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I Have A Card For That

Typically, I am not fashion forward when it comes to buying clothes and shoes and accessories.  It took me years to purchase a pair of skinny jeans.  I bought a pair of cute boots about 2 years ago, after thinking and searching for years as well.  I buy stuff, but usually it’s just to ensure I’m not walking around naked.  I like jeans and t-shirts and sweatshirts, and I wear. them. out.  I asked my fashion savvy friend to take me clothes shopping before my trip to Nashville.  And what did she put me in?  Mom jeans.  I swear.  But – they looked pretty good on me!  (okay, let me admit that it took more than one attempt to find just the “right” pair.  I walked out of the changing room in one pair of mom jeans and as soon as my friend saw me, she busted out laughing.  Those were just too mom). She paired it with a cropped black top – just a hint of belly showing.  (I feel like Sandy, in Grease.)This is not my usual attire.


Anyway, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new wallet over the years.  I love the Fossil vintage look, but cannot bring myself to pay their prices (I have a cool purse from Fossil that I bought at an outlet, at a decent price.  It needs replaced because it’s just not big enough but I love it so much that I haven’t found one that looks cooler which can justify the cost).  But I have a dilemma.  My plain black wallet is spacious and organized, but it’s too large for my purse. So today I took the plunge and bought a cute wallet at Target.  Then came the task of transitioning all of the contents from my old wallet to my new wallet. 


And that’s when I realized that my wallet’s purpose shifted over the years from containing cash, to containing cards.  And this ticked me off.  I have cards for credit, a card for debit, cards for insurance, membership cards, library cards, punch cards, gas cards, grocery store cards, pharmacy cards, gift cards, business cards… cards for everything.  I couldn’t fit them all in my new wallet! Now I need two wallets! Which would require an extra large purse.  Which I refuse to upgrade to.  I chuckle every time an older person who struggles with walking normally, shuffles back to an exam room at the office, carrying a large heavy purse.  I ask if they are planning a weekend trip.  They tell me it helps balance them out.  And I shake my head, knowing that this is what we, as women, do.  We carry way too much. Why do we do this to ourselves?  Anyway, I looked inside my old wallet for cash and coins to transfer over to the new wallet.  I found none!!  I couldn’t believe it – all I was using my wallet for was to house a bunch of cards that I rarely use!  (I then reminded myself that I have a tendency to stuff cash in my pockets… this is very unorganized of me and maybe I’ll work on that. Are you reading, this Jason?)  So now I have a slimmer wallet that holds important cards and money from my pockets and a Ziploc sandwich bag that holds all the rest. 


As I was locking up the house this evening, I looked down at my key ring.  And wouldn’t you know it?  I have more cards hanging from the ring then I have keys!!  What is this sick preoccupation with cards?  We live in a mad world.


4 thoughts on “I Have A Card For That

  1. Oh Em ! I just went through all that, and I haven’t carried cash for years unfortunately. I’m trying to work in that one too. Just a )10 would do. Lol. Love the way you wrote this.
    Love you too!! I have a little coin purse I use for my cards. It was part of my dittybag I got from the church for travelling. And it holds my jetting cards too. It’s just big enuf for the card size. Works good. Then we have the dilemma that you have to get that little purse out and root thru all of them only to find you left it in your old purse.! So you get a second card—
    Only to find you have2 cards for the same place and you wonder – which card is the current one??? What to do??? Lol enjoy your day- I miss your stories!!

    1. Too funny!! I love the idea of repurposing a coin purse for my cards! I’m going to keep my eye out for one and maybe buy one in five years or so.

  2. Omygosh…you had me laughing so hard I nearly pee’d in my mom jeans!
    Loved this post…..and honestly, if I had it my way I would be wearing my worn hipster jeans with my favorite flip-flops every day. Even with evening attire when it comes to my husbands office events. Flip-flops make a great accessory!

    1. Agreed!! I love my flip flops, even though I work at a podiatry practice and know how bad they are for our feet! I love that we are entering flip flop season!

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