Gracie The Brutus (or Dave)

Our Brutus


Winter Gracie Gracie turned one back in March.  She has grown to be a 65lb. happy black golden-doodle.  And, to make a liarDSC_1817 copy_edited-1 out of our name for her, Gracie is a heavy-footed cumbersome brute of a dog who refuses to hop into and out of our car on her own.   She insists we lift her in and out, though we know she is perfectly capable of doing so herself.  Gracie loves us all, but her absolute favorite is my husband.  Her excitement knows no bounds for this man.  Admittedly, I get a little jealous.

I just realized that I have no Summer pictures of Gracie.   How could I have trudged through almost all of July without taking pictures of her?

gracie side by side


4 thoughts on “Our Brutus

  1. I love Gracie!! I’m a lover of goldens, so with their temperament and loving personalities, she’s probably an absolute doll! Our neighbors have a golden-doodle and he is so fun to have around the community. Our Sammy [golden] loved having puppy-hour with him. Looking forward to reading more on Gracie The Brutus!

    1. My 2 sister in laws each have golden-doodles and both are very sweet. One is white and the other is the traditional golden. I love Sammy’s name! Gracie’s parents are Adam and Eve and so we wanted to keep the biblical theme – I wanted to name her Dave. Nobody liked that suggestion.

      1. I would have voted for your Dave! 🙂 I love all their names.
        Our up and coming puppy’s name is either David [after David in the bible] or Murphy is it’s a girl….for my husbands Scottish heritage…. we are getting excited!

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