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One Good Thing For Another

Introducing:  Stump Woods Photography

This evening, after returning home from picking Noel up from her choir rehearsal, I sent my first client’s photography order into my professional print lab.  Yes, that’s right.  My first client.  She probably has no idea how exciting this is for me. 

Let me back up.

I remember, way back when I was about 8 years old living in Stowe, VT, purchasing a box of oil pastels from a small general store named Lackey’s.  I was so tickled with my purchase.  I told my dad, after returning home from the small store, “I love money!”  He promptly told me that loving money was not a good thing.  My bubble was burst.  He didn’t understand.  I loved the transaction, the exchanging of one thing for another.  Both parties were satisfied and happy.  That’s what I loved.  The business of exchanging.

Last Fall, I put out a plea, begging for brave people and families to let me take pictures of them because my own family had had enough of me and my camera.  I needed practice and to tip my toes into meeting people and taking pictures of them.  I did this for free. I receive invaluable experience and knowledge.  I have done a lot of research on everything from VGA to HDMI adapters, laptops and monitors, post processing, calibrating my monitor, starting a photography business, and so many more tedious things.  I’m not a person who revels in minute details.  But I have spent hours upon hours upon hours reading and watching tutorials all Fall and Winter.  The tediousness was almost blissful. It took me all Winter to create a website.  And I hid it from public eye, only inviting a few close friends to review and critique it for me. 

I took pictures of my friend’s 6 year old son, after dusting off the camera from a Winter of limited use.  She posted the pictures onto her Facebook page and linked me to them.  I decided that it was time.  Time to put myself into the public’s eye.  And what better way then through Facebook?

In the wee hours of Mother’s day, I created a Facebook page for Stump Woods Photography.  This is a very scary step for me.  What if I’m not good enough?  Doesn’t this feel like asking people for money?  I don’t want to bug people!  Am I bugging people?  Will anybody even be interested?  Who am I to do this?  Isn’t the market saturated with photographers?  Is my uniqueness in business enough? Will anybody take me seriously?  Is this too big a dream? 

I am just a girl who loves photography.  I am learning all the time.  I hope there will never be a time when I stop learning.  Life is found in the everyday moments.  I have a passion to live it to the fullest and to capture it in words and in pictures.  And I believe, no matter what a person’s budget, they should have the opportunity to immortalize their story through pictures.  So I am in the business of exchanging one good thing for another.  Tell me your story, I’ll give you a picture. 

Macy07 copy I have been busy with my day job – being a medical assistant to a podiatrist.  It has consumed much of my life here lately.  And besides my family time, taking and editing pictures is life-giving.  It makes me happy deep down into my soul.  My first real client gig happened last Friday.  What a fun morning!  I took pictures of an adorable little one year old girl and then spent time chatting with her mamma for a bit.  That weekend, I edited the images using new editing tools I had received for Mother’s day. It. Was. Wonderful. I received the proofs of my session of her session today in the mail and am so happy with the results. I sent in my friend’s print order this evening.  Can I express to you how much I am looking forward to delivering her her products?  I am giddy with anticipation.

Who knows where this will take me, when this will end?  All I can say is, for now, I am a part-time photog.  It makes me happy.  I hope, with my whole heart, that it makes others happy too.



4 thoughts on “One Good Thing For Another

  1. Bravo!! God has given you a talent….and photo’s make people happy- of course you will make others happy. Can’t wait to see more photographs!
    PS….I just signed up to be the team photographer for my daughters swim team…um, geez, I hope I can at least capture their heads. 🙂 hehe.

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