Master Procrastinator

I walked in from work yesterday and saw an empty left-over food container on the counter.  I cringed inside and tried not to feel guilty or horrified.  The food inside should have been thrown out (in a red biohazard bag) a couple of weeks ago.  Crossing my fingers that the eater wouldn’t show signs of death, I went about my evening, Jason and I running to pick my car up at the garage and then picking up pizza and milk on the way home. 

I don’t know how people do it.  How do they do full-time work and home keeping well?  I worked nearly full time hours this week and at home in the evenings, I didn’t return texts, do laundry, meet with my treadmill, or clean.  We don’t even have kids in sports right now so I wasn’t running them around.  I guess I just value crash time over house keeping responsibilities.  🙂 

Now that it’s Saturday, guess what I’m going to be doing?  That’s right, I’m taking my camera outside.  Hey, don’t judge.  It’s a down-right balmy Mid-January day at 17 degrees and the sun is partially out – perfect!  Who wants to be my model? 


Give it to me!

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