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Calm Down, Doomsayer

I hear it every day.  I hear about how our country and the world are going to hell in a hand basket.  I hear pity for my children, and fear for the next generation.  I hear about how wonderful life used to be and how scary life is now.  Criticism abounds.  Such negative outlooks on the present and the future.  The media – oh the media.  They don’t help.

I have to believe that life way-back-when had it’s trials and depravities as well.  Plagues, genocide, wars, marginalized minorities (to put it mildly), poverty, corrupt government, corrupt religious leaders, companies that put employees’ lives at risk… the list goes on just as today’s list goes on.  Nothing new is under the sun.  Maybe things are worsening.  It seems like just about everyone (including me), are out to protect & promote themselves.  Sometimes, often times, to the detriment of those around them.  We hold the value of other people’s lives lower than we hold our own.  Our rights above any other.  I get angry when I pull up to a four-way stop sign at the same time as the guy on my left and he goes first.  First of all, hasn’t he ever heard of “ladies first?”  And secondly, did he pass his written drivers’ test?  The car on the right hand side goes first.  Oh the humanity!  Don’t get me started on mall parking lot etiquette.

I think we can calm down, friends.  I think we can find some comfort here.  Maybe the world is getting worse.  But remember, we were kicked out of Eden a long time ago.  It was bad ever since.  It’s got to get worse before it gets better.  Sure, lets vote in government elections the way we feel led to.  Let’s be aware.  Let’trinity-and-main-street-extended1.jpgs take action.  I’m not saying ignorance is bliss.  I’m just saying, take a deep breath.  Remember Who is in charge.  Remember that it’s okay to look out for your neighbor, to love them as you would love yourself.  Because God will take care of you.  I should smile at the idiot who blasted through the stop sign without a thought to wait his turn – my prompt and safe arrival to my destination isn’t dependant on his decision and action.  That responsibility belongs to God (and to my lead foot).   🙂

Maybe my kids are screwed.  But that just burdens me further to ensure that I do all that I can to help them love and rely on God.  He’s not an absentee landlord.  He is working around, in, and through us.  Do I trust Him?   


Give it to me!

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