Computers and Cats

I am trying to gather enough energy to clean the kitty litters (she’s spoiled and has 2 boxes). I’ve been putting this task off for a couple weeks.

Yes. That’s right.

Instead of doing what I Should be doing, like laundry, or cleaning, or giving the kitty new litter, I’m writing this post on my phone. I have a feeling its all going to be in vain, as my computer luck recently has been in short supply. I am becoming convinced that there are just some people who give off bad computer vibes. Computers can sense this in us and get all offended, taking F O R E V E R to obey our commands and even freezing out on us. The whole office staff at work gives off bad computer vibes. But it’s infuriating when I get home and am faced with the same bad attitude from my own computer.

I really don’t believe I’ll be successful in publishing this post. Thats just the way it is. Electronics screw me just about every single time. I’m coming to accept it.

The girls and I are going to have a plate smashing party as a way to rid ourselves of any negativity. I will add my old Gateway computer, taking a bat to it. {Girls, I need to borrow a bat, all I have is a tennis racket}. Oh the satisfaction! {I hope I don’t hurt myself}.

Can you believe its 8pm already? Why does work take up so much time? There’s got to be a solution to this madness. When you figure it out, can you tell me? Until then, I’ll be cleaning out the litter box.



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