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Thank You!

It’s been a little over a week since I came out of the closet with my dream and already, I have received a lot of interest and plenty of encouragement.  I am so blessed! 

My first family came to Stump Woods on Sunday afternoon.  What a fun multigenerational family!  So willing to move around and try different shots.  I have learned from this experience, lessons which I will take with me to my next family (on Saturday).  To be honest, though the exposure was pretty much spot on, my positioning of the family needed work.  I rushed too much, worried that I was tiring them out.  There are a just a couple shots, out of 70 some, that I am happy with.  This is why I need the practice, there is so much to learn.  Not only with photography, but with myself.  Although I can be a bossy person to my family, I tend not to be to the outside world (except for Newbie at work).  Learning to communicate, slowing down my pace, and knowing how far to push my people, are skills which need to be developed yet. 

I have started a photography website for those who are interested in contacting me and looking in on my learning experience from time to time.  There is a blog page which I have  posted and will be posting lessons learned/learning and experiences, as well as a gallery of pictures.  Just click on this link: …a thousand words.



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