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While I was away…

I’m finding that the draw of basement writing is lacking in it’s appeal.  It’s hard to be motivated to drop below the terrain, with no window and perpetual damp coolness which instigates the degeneration of my finger joints – I just know it.  Where the hairy spiders walk around free and unabashed.  Even with the incentive of a quiet kid-free zone (but it isn’t, really), I’ve found it difficult to travel down here.  Oh, how I need a quality laptop.

Besides avoiding the decent into the underground due to the need for oxygen and natural light, I’ve been chauffeuring my lacrosse player to practices and games, training a puppy, and camping over Memorial weekend.  There’s more I’m sure.  That list isn’t very big.  It feels like I’ve been busier – why is that?  I can’t say I lead a very activity diverting life. Never-the-less, I’ve thought about writing so many times, even had some very good posts started in my head.  But for one reason or another, I haven’t been writing.  Even with these sentences I’ve just written, I’ve been interrupted a few times.  There may come a day when the ideal writing setting with appropriate working tools is the norm.  But that day is not today, nor any day in the near future.  And I suppose I should not wish these days away, though sometimes I do.  And I suppose I should be content and thankful with what I have to work with, though sometimes I’m not.  I don’t really buy into the idea that you will miss what time you wished away – because I don’t miss those early years with the kids.  I really don’t.  I’m happy enough reading my journals about them and looking at their cute pictures.  And I’m enjoying the time that we are in now (well, most of them).  But anyway, I’m getting carried away on a rabbit trail, which tends to happen easily when I haven’t written with any regularity.


Did I mention a puppy?

I must make a confession.  I liked Molly better than I realized.  While I was holding her, when she was being put to sleep, I swore I didn’t want another dog.  Who can go through that experience willingly – and who am I to decide the fate of another living thing?  But on the way home, the thought of not being greeted by a happy bark and wagging tail was too sad.  We, I,missed Molly.  And over the next few weeks we realized that we would need another doggy in our lives.  Three weeks ago we picked up our black-golden doodle.  She is a multigenerational (F2B to be exact) golden-doodle.  Which means, hopefully, she will have the friendly personality of a golden retriever with very little, if any, shedding (from the poodle gene pool).  We’ve seen them in blonde and white coats, but we’ve never seen a black golden-doodle until we went to meet the family with their golden-doodles. Of course we fell in love.

Gracie is a sister to 7 other puppies, and only one of those is male.  She was one to hold off until the others had eaten, not wanting to push her way in – such patience!  She was sweet and calm, we were told.  She still is, though she loves to play as all puppies do!  And she is making up for lost time, gobbling her food as fast as possible and asking for more.  She has grown so much in the 3 weeks we’ve had her.  She is part of our family – and doppy as ever.  Goodness, puppies are work.  Not as much as a human toddler, but close enough!  My morning starts early.  And I can’t leave her unattended for long.  But she is just too cute – a bit of a teddy bear.  She and Tiny get along fairly well. Tiny is very patient.



So that’s my writing excuse with added puppy cuteness. Can anybody suggest a good laptop?



4 thoughts on “While I was away…

  1. I often have great writing ideas and lack time to write them down (even with a laptop in kitchen, so there!) I’ve been wanting a really cool wristwatch that can record a bunch of voice messages for reminders and ideas when I’m on the go. Can’t find such a thing. SO if anybody wants to steal my idea and market this item, go ahead. I really don’t have time to “work it.” It would just be some awesome to have a little gadget like that — doesn’t Inspector Gadget have one I can borrow!!??!!

    1. Thats a fantastic idea! It would be great if it could take diction. It should have a SD card so that you can easily transfer those ideas/blogposts to a computer.

      1. Oh, excellent! Yup, let’s hope one of your blog followers has the marketing bug in them. I’m looking forward to buying it (for a discount, right?) ……..

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