Molly the Dog

She Was Part Of Us

I hate making phone calls.  I give myself a pep talk each time, rehearsing what I need to say as the I dial the number and wait for the receiver to answer.  It’s one of the worst aspects of my job, calling a pharmacist to prescribe a medication for a patient on behalf of the doctor.  I even work myself up when calling friends and family.  But I’m not writing about my neurotic side this evening.  I just want you to understand that the call I need to make tomorrow will be painful for more than one reason.

I need to call Darla.

So let me rehearse it with you.

“Hi Darla.  I’m calling to cancel Molly’s hair appointment on the 15th.  No, no we don’t need to reschedule.  We had to put her to sleep 2 weeks ago.  Thanks Darla, we’re okay.  We miss her, it’s very strange not having her around.   I just wanted to let you know that Molly loved you.  She would act all excited and bark, pacing back and forth at the door when I told her we were going to Darla’s.  Remember, she gave you kisses.  Even when you cut the hair on her head and ears, which she hated, she gave you kisses.  I just wanted to say thank you.  For 14 years of faithful service and love to Molly, thank you.”

molly dog 1


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