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The Power Of A Maniacal Mommy & Mechanic

My hands smell like a dark room, evidence that I’ve been back to the old x-ray battle games at work.  I should have anticipated it – our computers worked like a charm right from the beginning this Monday morning – no 2 hour delay.  I’ve told you before, usually it’s the computers or x-ray machine that will be problematic, one sparing us while the other curses.  I fixed the machine again, doing God knows what to it.  But it settled down and cooperated quietly for us after I did my thing – whatever that was.  I have the magic touch I guess. Call me the Mary Poppins of X-Ray machine mechanics.

But being back to work is a good thing.  I worked one day last week – just one day.  I spent the rest with my children , school and work were closed. Being back to work is a good thing (did I just write that?).

The weather this Winter has been brutal – at least in comparison to recent years.  I find I’m speaking like my geriatrics, “Well, when I was a kid…” Goodness, am I getting to that age already?  We Pennsylvanians should be made of tougher stuff.  Why all the complaints?  This is what it is like here – or at least it used to be.  I like the snow.  I don’t like to drive in it, true, but I like to be a passenger with my hubby driving in it.  I like that my routine is broken – for a little bit.  I like the dreading and hysterics that an anticipated snowstorm brings.  I’m crazy like that and I know more than a few friends who are cursing me right now.  Like I hold the power to control the weather by putting my snowmen flannel sheets on my bed. (Actually, I think I do.  Didn’t you read that I fixed the x-ray machine? It makes no sense what I can do – I just do it and things happen).

But to Trina, my friend and neighbor who is ready to burn my sheets, I did not have on ice flannels when the ice storm hit.  That particular piece of nasty is not my fault.  Somewhere in South Central Pennsylvania, somebody put icemen flannel sheets on their bed.  I will hunt them down point my finger angrily at them.  Then I will tell them that my friend Trina wants a “word” with her and to meet her behind the sliding board at Chanceford Elementary School.  Somebody should pay for the havoc that being without electricity causes for days on end.  All I have that induces Winter weather is my Rudolph guy, a bunch of snowmen, a nice Winter scene that my mother-in-law painted, and a benign sign that says “Let It Snow”.   I am innocent of ice storm inducement.

And guess what my PA friends?  A doozie of a snowstorm is going to hit on Thursday – or so rumor has it.  All the European and Canadian weather models are tracking it – it’s supposed to be measured by a yardstick and not a ruler.  The likes we haven’t seen since ’93.  Can you picture it?  Am I sounding a little maniacal right now?  I feel a little maniacal.


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