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Blame It On My Snowmen Flannels

I would really love to write a nice post. I’ve been wanting to for awhile. But a couple of days ago an ice storm hit my county hard and over 100,000 homes have been without power. Our area is considered “ground zero” for where the storm hit hardest. President Obama has declared a State of Emergency. My home sweet home is still waiting for the MetEd angels to turn us on. Until then, my writing will have to wait.


Oh, and also this week my car gave out. If my dog would die, I’d be a nice little country song.


2 thoughts on “Blame It On My Snowmen Flannels

  1. Hi Emily! So sorry to hear your area was so heavily affected. I pray your “angels” will soon have you restored and you’ll be filling us in with your humor and challenges once again. This sure has been one brutal winter, huh? I saw a couple robins in mid January. I’m hopeful that perhaps that means something, besides they were just stupid or lost. It would be great if the groundhog was dead wrong. Miss you dear lady! Lovely photos. Hugs to you.

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