T’was The Night Before…

…and all through the house,

Molly puked and she peed

leaving puddles galore.

When I in my sweats and not a glass

of wine to be found (until much later),

cut French bread and broke egg shells

and blended blended blended. 

And out of nowhere Tiny came with a bound,

and tried to eat the casseroles (but hush, don’t let the ladies know). 

Lost my cork in the bottle (vanilla not wine),

but all is well now, sipping my glass

Looking forward to the celebration

not a moment would I miss.


I stepped on a warm spot on the floor tonight as I was saying goodbye to my hubby who was leaving for work.  I thought, “That feels nice”  and then a second later I thought, “Shit, that’s wet.”  But was it puke or pee?  And does it really matter?

It’s been that kind of evening.  On the eve of the baby shower. 

Tomorrow is a time of celebrating the life of Sebastian Roger.  He will be born next month. My nephew.  My brother’s first born.  Such anticipation! 

{P.S. – Tiny did not touch the casseroles – though she tried.}




4 thoughts on “T’was The Night Before…

  1. Maybe it’s time for Molly…….it’s hard to do believe me, but you will be glad you did in time. She is probably miserable too.

  2. Oh… the ongoing body fluid extravaganza. Not envying you this time. But how nice to counteract all that with the celebration of new life!! And what a dignified name!! Congrats to all!

    1. It will be so interesting to see what his personality is like. Because he is American and also Ecuadorian, his nickname will be Sebas with the b pronounced with a v sound. Can’t wait to hold the little guy!

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