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Will This Winter Be As Snowy As This Fall?

It’s 8:00pm and Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer is on TV.  This would be a good thing only we have lost satellite connection.  I suspect we’ll also lose it tomorrow evening right as we are ready to sit down and watch the Survivor finale.  It’s pretty much a tradition for us here in Stump woods, losing satellite when the Survivor finale is on. 

I won’t complain though, I’ve had a fairly successful day.  It snowed in the afternoon, giving way to sleet this evening.  I finally managed to bully my way into obtaining a family Christmas picture taken outside with all the snow, setting the camera up on a tripod at a pretty location and adjusting the exposure before they trudged out in the cold.  Maybe someday I’ll have a remote shutter release (I just looked it up, it’s not that expensive.  Maybe someday will be sooner rather than later!).  Maybe someday I’ll have willing models.  DSC_0340

I had a family conversation via texting with my brothers and mom, which was hilarious!  I love how we can all connect at the same time though we live in different states.  I’ve also manage to do some laundry, make chicken corn soup, and create my family Christmas photo card which took a couple hours because my router hates me.  But the order is in.  I’m a little late this year – my family detests my camera.  It’s a curse for me because I just LOVE taking pictures of them.  I get mostly sneers, frowns, and evil eyes. It doesn’t make a very merry Christmas card.  Though if this derision continues into next year, you will be receiving a pessimistic photo themed card which is very funny juxtaposed next to the warm sweet wishes of the hopeful blessed season.  Don’t you dare steal my idea!

Rudolph is now over and our satellite is still down.  I better check my soup and laundry.  Wishing you a cozy day my friend.                                       





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