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Of Everyday Life And Dreams

Is there an expiration date on dreams?  Are big plans and goals only for the young?  If you find yourself in the middle of life with a family, juggling job & home and wondering how much tighter can things get – is pursuing your dreams selfish, if not impossible?  How do you find the energy for it after the day is done when there are few minutes left to breath before falling asleep?  I see beauty all around me while driving from place to place and long to share it with you.  I think and think and think without much ink to paper.  I want to replicate what I see in my own interpretation and share it.  To share it…

I went to college to be a nurse – a registered nurse.  I struggled and dropped out half way through.  The courses that I did not  struggle in were English, psychology, a music class, and photography. I hardly put any effort into them and achieved good grades.  If I had a regret in life, it would be that I didn’t pursue those areas which I not only did well in, but loved.  But art does not pay the bills.   

I told my entire family, from cousins to grandparents, brothers, and pets, way back when I was yet to graduate from elementary school, that I would be an author one day.  I was not content to be just a writer.  I would be published.  It was not a dream.  It was inevitable. 

I am exhausted. 



I have great loves that require my time and presence.  I do not know how to make time for the part of me that longs to create – besides a post in this blog every now and then and a few pictures that I take when I can manage (which I don’t spend the money to print).  I don’t need to be published and famous, to have my own flourishing photography business, not so much anymore.

But I do long for more. 


2 thoughts on “Of Everyday Life And Dreams

  1. I never doubted I’d be a writer, too… So much to respond to on this! “Is there an expiration date…” Love that. I still need and want to write but, like you, don’t have time. BUT in an awesome twist of events this year, I have a dream job! So I still long to write BUT I don’t hate what I’m doing, so, I just need to mix in the writing… I Missy blogging world SO much.

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