Siri, What Comes First? The Chicken Or The Egg?

For those of you who have always wondered, like I have, if the word “gray” is spelled with an a or an e, let me relay to you what Siri told me.

If you are from the United States, you need to spell gray with an a.

If you are from England, you will spell your grey with an e.

Siri did not tell me what Canadians and Australians are supposed to do. I guess you guys are still left to wondering.

Now that I have Siri and google, there’s no need to wonder about anything anymore.


4 thoughts on “Siri, What Comes First? The Chicken Or The Egg?

  1. Okay, so I had to look up siri, because I didn’t know what that was. I suppose google will have to be sufficient, since I don’t have an iphone or ipad, though google certainly doesn’t have a sense of humor like siri. In my search for siri, I found twenty funny questions to ask siri. I guess there’s no extra charge for her entertainment components. Thanks for expanding my horizons. Have a great day, Emily. It’s a beauty, even if there are a bazillion stink bugs crawling all over my house!

    1. My kids love to ask Siri questions – but she has helped me out many times too.

      I’ve got a plague of stink bugs too!

      Have a fantastic Thursday Renee’!

  2. That was cute, Emily!! I never think of things to ask her, and when I do, I haven’t worded it right or she didn’t understand me, or some other problem. I change her voice to a guy, tho. I’m not into women’s voices…… Lol the guy sounds prettttyyy good!!😄

    1. I looked for the male voice option but couldn’t find it so I turned my American Siri British. Now I’m allowed to spell gray with an e.

      Once I confused Siri so bad that she asked me to ask her at a later time.

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