A Last Ride


I didn’t anticipate it and couldn’t stop it from happening. Tears started flowing as I drove up my parents drive for the last time. They are now living in Ohio. I helped Dad load some of the last items into the trailer this afternoon. Then we took a scooter ride on their property trails which overlook some of the most beautiful & peaceful vistas Pennsylvania has to offer. In some ways, it marks an end to a very difficult time in our family’s. But for the most part, this goodbye brings to mind some very special memories. Some of which include my Nana. My kids loved hunting for crayfish and toads, and swinging on the tire-swing. A water slide which ran the well dry (oops). We rummaged through the ashes of their first home on the property after a fire destroyed almost everything. Campfires and cookouts. Sitting on a porch swing with mom & talking about her mom and aunt, both who have been gone for years. Watching turkeys, deer, and a variety of birds. Viewing fireworks from up top the river, looking down on them, and seeing other river towns’ fireworks at the same time.

Goodbye Grace Plateau. Onward to Ohio.



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