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It’s Still Summer

I do my best thinking while driving.  I do my best driving while sitting in the passenger seat, which comments more to my driving abilities than it does my ability to micromanage.  I tend to go inward while driving.  Almost everyday I drive the same route.  I believe I could drive with my eyes closed if I wanted to – or at least drive with my good eye closed.  I just wrote “drive” 7 times.  That’s so uncreative.  I should be driving right now.  If I could write and drive at the same time, I’d compose blog posts multiple times a day.  And they’d all be very interesting and funny and deep and just wonderful.  With hardly a repeated word.  You’re missing out on so much. 

It’s my hope that I can write more often once Fall begins.  Things will slow down at that point, right?  Like everyone else’s, our Summer has flown by.  But I like to remind myself that it is not over yet.  I’m going to squeeze every last drop of Summer out while it’s still here.  I’m not going to think too much about the Fall, though it’s one of my favorite seasons and though the York Fair, which ushers in Autumn, starts today. I’m not going to mourn how quickly Summer went.  Summer is still here so I refuse to grieve.  We will live it to it’s fullest as we have all season.  The house continues to need Spring cleaning, organizational projects are still on my “to-do” list (several years old now), the kids have yet to clean their rooms – we’ll just keep those doors closed.  Though we’ve been on a week’s vacation to Waves, North Carolina and a couple camping trips, we’ve stayed by our house all season.  We’ve enjoyed the company of all my brothers (at different times, sadly) who came to us from Ecuador, Indiana, and Massachusetts.  We’ve been able to put new flooring in our tiny bathrooms, making them look so much better!  Tiny, our kitten, has been settling into our family rhythm quite nicely.  We’ve sold our motorcycle. I’ve just finished painting/waxing/buffing a dresser I bought from the Salvation Army.  Ethan’s been to Hershey Park for the first time ever (making Noel extremely jealous).  My brother, Thom, took Noel and I to see Joseph and The Technicolor Dream Coat at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA.  We helped my parents pack for their move to Ohio.  The kids have learned how to mow our yard.  They’ve been riding dirt bikes and have been swimming at their cousin’s.  We have spent time just crashing on the couch, watching TV or playing video games.  I’ve read plenty of books.  We’ve entered into a whole new phase of camping, trading in our pop-up camper for a travel trailer (more about this in another post – maybe).  And we’ve been working. Me at the podiatry office and Jason as a police officer and the crazy schedule that brings.  We grab whatever chance we get to spend time with each other.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our Summer and will continue to do so until September something, at which time I will thoroughly enjoy Fall.  And when it’s time to to enter into Winter – I will embrace the cozy warmth that hot chocolate, knit hats, wool coats, and flannel sheets bring.  But we don’t need to think about that yet.  We’re going camping today once the kids get home from school.  It’s a summertime camping trip.  Because it’s still Summer.


2 thoughts on “It’s Still Summer

  1. Wow, what a full, fun and action packed summer, Emily! I loved your slide show! Congrats on the new camper. Very nice! Buck and I had a travel trailer. It was very old. We lovingly referred to it as the Dinosaur. It almost always gave us a new story to tell every time we took it out. Precious memories! Gifford Pinchot was our favorite local place to camp. Many sites right on the lake. I really miss camping.

    I’m sure you will make many family memories of your own as you utilize your wonderful new camper. I hope you enjoyed your summertime camping trip this weekend and all the wonder of each season as they arrive.

    Went to the first Studio meeting last night. It’s for artists, writers and all creatives. DeAnn is using a Francis Chan video series. It’s really good. Any chance of you joining us? It would be great to see you! Thanks for sharing your life with us. I always enjoy your writing. Hugs to you!

    1. Making memories and spending time together is what it’s all about! We love campgrounds with some kind of body of water. The kids love to fish and catch crayfish.

      I have been thinking about joining the Thursday crew but am finding that at this time in our family life and schedule – being home and keeping a simple routine is best. I want to write more about this too. It’s such a tug of war.

      Miss you Renee and am sending you a hug!!

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