I’m A Wilting Weed In This Hazy Heat

I wish I would have remembered that Crazy glue does not dry clear.  But at least I didn’t glue my wedding rings to my fingers this time. 

It has been stinkin’ hot & humid this week.  There is no relief to be had outside, even in swimming pools.  I drank a secret Mcd’s Frappe in record time  on my way home from Wal-Mart in order to arrive home without the evidence of it (to avoid the unjust outcry of my children).  I’m now a little sick from the Frappe frenzy and am taking it easy indoors. The few times I’ve been outside has drained me of all energy and motivation to do anything but perhaps read and write.  Well, I’m done reading for now so I guess it’s onto writing.  Not that I have any particular topic to write about.

We just love to complain about the weather at the podiatry office.  It’s the one safe topic that everyone can be in agreement over, even if we secretly disagree.  We complain about one thing and on the other side of our mouth complain about the opposite.  It’s amazing how we can have such oppositional dualities of complaints. “Kids these days don’t know how cold Winters used to be!”  My geriatric patients would say, at the same time complaining that it has been cold for way too long and Spring is slow in coming.  I love it.  I nod my head in sympathy and agreement; kids are so spoiled and have no idea the blizzards we used to get.  But dang, my arthritis just kills me with this cold weather – it goes right into my bones.  Summertime hits and I keep finding Black Widow spiders.  And then I curse the Winter for not being cold enough to kill those suckers off.

It is so hot that my kitten is laying around in a dazed stupor and Molly hasn’t moved in hours.  I suppose she’s still alive.  I don’t know how these hummingbirds do it, buzzing around the feeder, little wings pumping a thousand beats per second.  The sugar water is probably 90 degrees.  Yuck. That’s no better than warm beer.

One more week of work and then it’s off to the Outer banks for refreshing relaxation.  Everybody needs a little time off to reboot.  I hope you are keeping cool and enjoying the Summer. 

And does anybody know what dissolves Crazy glue?




2 thoughts on “I’m A Wilting Weed In This Hazy Heat

  1. Paint thinner?? Nail polish remover? Goo gone?? Just a thought- have no experience with that but did you google it? Google is my lifesaver sometimes!!
    You are going to have a difficult week next week, just KNOWING that you will soon be on vacation!! I could remove that stress and go INSTEAD of you!! Lol. Sounds heavenly!!

    1. I keep forgetting about Google!

      Yes, I usually pay for vacation with hell at work one week before and then one week after – at least. But it’s worth it, I think.

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