Good Bye Jack

It’s been a good run for us, Jack.  Some flurries here and there with a Christmas accumulation which led to snowmen, sledding, and snow photography.  And though I know we still have a few more weeks together, I must suggest that perhaps your welcome is growing thin.  You have provided many a cold night.  But your bark is worse than your bite, for you failed to bring “the big one” or two.  Instead, you gave the blizzard to my brother in Boston.  Which was very considerate of you since he’s been looking forward to a good old New England snow storm.  But I wanted one too.  Not just one, but a couple.  

But that’s okay Jack, you can keep your snow storms now.  Time has run out,  as it always does.  And I will again hope that the next Winter season we will have better snow luck in store for us.  There’s always next year. But as far as this year’s, let’s say our goodbyes.

For I’ve done enough skiing and the cold is really getting to me.  It hurts my body – the old ache has settled in and I feel like one big bruise.  Not only that, but I need more sunshine.  We all do, Jack.  We’re depressed.  There are too many short, cold, gray days.  We need sun and warmth.  It was cozy while it lasted.  But we’re ready to stretch, shake off our sleepiness, and step outside without coats, hats, and mittens.

So, while I thank you for allowing us to have a lovely Winter, I would like for you to leave.  And while you’re away, please think about how you can improve for the next season.  Because there are many of us here who would love to have a blizzard or two – or just more snow period.  Some have said that you’re slacking.  That you don’t even exist anymore.  That the world is warming up and you are no longer en vogue.  They say you’re old hat.  They’ve stopped believing in you.

Jack Frost, are you going to let them talk to you like that?  Just wait until next year to prove them wrong.



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