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Funky Fun With Shutter Speed

I just finished experimenting with my camera.  I discovered what can happen when I slow down the shutter speed and zoom in/zoom out while the picture is being exposed.  It’s so much fun! 


Here is what I started with – meet my funky snowman made by the artist daughter of the doctor I work for – isn’t he cute?  I love his black eye.  He got into some trouble.  This picture was taken under manual settings of which I forget.  A big aperture, somewhat high ISO (it’s nighttime inside), slowish shutter speed.  





Now, look what happens when I slow the shutter speed waaay down (like 10 seconds) and zoom in slowly.  I decreased the ISO and aperture with this shot since so much light is able to get through and with each of the following, I tried to focus my focus point on his black eye (I could have done a better job had I found my tripod I think):


(aw, look at his cute little face within his face!)



I think the shutter speed is 4 seconds in this one:





This is what it looks like when I pan out:



Oh my gosh, what else can I do?  Anybody got any cool tricks to share?


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