Molly the Dog

A Series Of Events – Unfortunate & Otherwise

I’ve burned my fingers for the 3rd consecutive evening.  My dog has turned into an incontinent insomniac.  Everything at work seems to be breaking.  And my kids are at each other’s throats (this would be the correct time to use the word, “literally”).

But, all is not lost.  I saw a non-traditional small rainbow today.  It made a pastel stained cloud.  There was great progress in my gift shopping today and I am excited to give these gifts – they’re so cool.  I even saved money.  The clothes I ordered for the kids came in the mail and will fit them nicely.  They are ready for Winter, I think.  My hoodless hoodie also came in the mail a couple days ago – I had been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.  Now there is no hood to push my neck forward – which is uncomfortable and headache inducing.  And it’s from my favorite sweatshirt/pant place, so soft!  I went to the gym today and for the 1st time I inclined the treadmill a few degrees – I did not fall off or anything which was a relief.  That thing scares me.  I have yet to jog on it.  I can’t even walk on it without holding onto the bars.  I don’t think I’m ready for jogging.  But I at least increased the incline by 3%.  I kick ass.

molly the dog
molly the dog (Photo credit: bitnoots) This is not our Molly the Dog.  Maybe they’ll be willing to trade?

The strangest thing happened at 3am this morning.  It wasn’t the fact that Molly the Dog “vomited” clear liquid – again (I can’t call it vomit really, it’s more like Molly’s a pitcher and she pours out water when she opens her mouth, “I’m a little teapot” style).  Or peed – again (and right in front of the Fridge – why does she pee in unavoidable walking spots?).   No.  It’s not her teapot vomiting or precision peeing that was strange – because that’s our new normal.Molly’s like the rest of us Stumps (or maybe it’s just me).  She’s willful.  She claims she can’t hear us calling to her as she runs away.  She always opens the cabinet door to get to the garbage once we leave her alone in the house .  And shame on us if we let the garbage bag out – she’ll tear it up and feast on its contents.  Then she’ll fart all night like it’s her last word.  She always gets the last word.  Dang her.  She prances around the house in the middle of the night – toenails clicking on the hardwood floors, collar name/address plates jangling.  I think she swings her neck back and forth just to make more noise.

All that is not strange either.  This is Molly.  Now you see why it’s been so difficult to love her at times.  She’s not my pet.  She’s my pet peeve.


In the wee early hours this morning, I heard Molly (should I now call her Molly

The women of '76: "Molly Pitcher" th...
The women of ’76: “Molly Pitcher” the heroine of Monmouth (Photo credit: Wikipedia) She spilled her water too.

Pitcher?) release the clear fluid from her mouth.  I groaned – trying to ignore her.  I tried to tell myself that the mess can wait to be cleaned up at a more decent hour – like, say – 7:20am.  But instead I rolled over and turned on the light – just in time to see Molly put a sock of Noel’s over the small mess on the carpet, nosing it into place.

So I have to wonder; was she trying to hide her mess, all sly like – or was she trying to clean after herself, helping me out?

Either way – that dog is not stupid.


2 thoughts on “A Series Of Events – Unfortunate & Otherwise

  1. Molly is amazing- and frustrating and you are right on with your statement that she’s not stupid. I think she has acid reflux. Try giving her 1/2 of the over the count dose of generic ranitidine at night before you go to bed, or around 8 pm. Maggie has it too. It makes a difference. Hope it helps that poor ol lady. She needs a friend….. 🙂

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