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So Not The Drama–Not

I helped out in my kids’ Kindergarten classes a bunch of years ago and noticed that even at that young age, there was drama surrounding the little girls.  Now Noel is in 4th grade and it hasn’t gotten any better, and what I hear from my friends with older girls – it gets worse.  Girls are paying attention to other girls and while ignoring others, and then the response from the others to get back at those girls.  It breaks my heart – I wish I could infuse wisdom and perspective into my daughter, and I’m trying.  But I think living out these experiences is going to be the real teacher here.  And I get to listen at night and encourage from the bedside.  It’s hard to sit back and listen.  I want gather all these little girls up and give a lesson on Proverbs 17:17a, “A friend loves at all times.”  And tell them all that they are each special and nobody is excluded from that.

I have to think back to my school years and wonder how the drama was back then. I moved a lot during my early school years and became adept at saying goodbye to friends and making new ones.  And, looking at what Noel is going through now, my experience was a good one.  I learned to let go, I learned to move on.  And I wish this for Noel.  In time she will learn that not every friend will be a best friend.  Sometimes it’s expecting too much of someone, and she will learn that it will hurt her more if she can’t release that friend from such responsibilities. 

noel's new hairMaybe I wish too much for Noel at such a young age.  I don’t want her to go through hard times to attain wisdom and perspective on friendships.  I desire that she treats everybody with courtesy, but that she also doesn’t shy away from standing up for herself. 

It’s hard being a mamma, standing on the sidelines while our young men and ladies make decisions, experience some tough stuff, wishing we could solve their problems for them like we used to do when they were babies.  We’re beyond cutting their meat and tying their shoes, their boo-boos aren’t kissable.  And it’s good, it’s interesting and fun.  But sometimes,  sometimes it’s hard.


4 thoughts on “So Not The Drama–Not

  1. I pray that Noel always has you to go to and that you always have a good relationship where you can talk. I long for those days again… for a tight relationship with my girl. Growing up female sadly entails alot of drama. I’m so thankful she has you to help her navigate these choppy waters!

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