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Why I Love October:


And in particular, my birthday.  I love my birthday.  I look forward to it all year.  I’m sure you do too.

Just about everybody I know was born in October.  Just about everybody you know was born in October.  Let me guess, you too were born in October (HAPPY BIRTDHDAY LESLIE!).

October is awesome.  Each year ends in September and begins in October.  You know it’s true.  And if you don’t know this, let me inform you now.  It’s true.  Why would the year begin in Winter?  That makes no sense.  And that’s why so many babies are born in October.  Fall means the  beginning of so many things – even babies.  

Hurricane EE was born in October, 3 days before I turned 22.  Ethan is now 12.  My age doesn’t make me feel older, but boy, my son’s age does.  I don’t believe that he is 12.  I don’t believe that he has surpassed my height.  He’s still the long skinny stiff baby in my arms (he refused to bend –he still does).   His eyes took everything in – he had a look about him that made you wonder if he knew the world’s heartache.  Like my dad and I have done when I was in school, Ethan and I are reading books together.  The book that we currently are reading is, Okay for Now.  It’s a deep coming-of-age book that takes place during the Vietnam war.  We both love it.  It’s our kind of book. 

My dad’s birthday is on the 25th.  We have a birthday date tradition.  When the movie, Gettysburg, came out, dad and I went to see it for our birthdays.  We’ve gone to different restaurants, gone bicycling together, went to Washington D.C. and Mount Vernon and so many more places through the years.  I love our birthday dates.  I can’t wait for this year’s.

Although we are not going to be camping this year in October (sadly), we will be going on the best hayride ever.  Every few years our friends invite a bunch of people over to their family’s farm and have a bon-fire, yummy food, and a night hayride through southern Pennsylvania’s farmland.  It is beautiful, cold, cozy, scary, and FUN.   

I can’t imagine that your Octobers are better than mine, but you can try to convince me.  What are you up to this month?


6 thoughts on “Why I Love October:

  1. Happy Birthday, Emily! I hope your October will be filled with lots of autumn fun and new treasured memories! Have fun at the hay ride. Will be looking forward to your pics. I have missed you at Pages and pray all is well in your world.

    1. Thanks Renee’! Life is full and we’re navigating through it well I think. I’ve missed you too and am hoping we’ll be able to see each other this Wednesday (tomorrow!). I wonder if you’ve been making more bread? I made some this past weekend – yum!

      Hugs back at ya.

  2. One of my favorite books of all time!!!!! Is it required reading for school? I made Josh read it, too and he loved it.
    Glad your October is going to be great!!! See ya soon:)

    1. It wasn’t required of school but he did bring it home from school last year. We had to return it and so I bought our own copy. It’s a slow go for us because of how tired I get in the evenings and those sentences are so hard to read out loud (run-on sarcasm stuff for those who have not read it)! I have never read it before. We both love it and we’ll get to the end some day!

      Can’t wait!

  3. I love fall too. It’s beautiful here in the Smokies, but it takes all month for the leaves to change. They’re just now really starting to turn and should be peaking in the next week. It all happens so fast. I enjoyed a weekend at Doe River Gorge with our high schoolers this past weekend {Leslie has a connection to that place through a friend} and our daughter is coming home with a huge entourage for the UT/Alabama game this weekend. I’ll mark the 13th anniversary of my mom’s passing on Oct. 24. So autumnal colors and crisp temperatures are nice, but kinda melancholy, too. After a long, hot summer, there really isn’t anything better than apple spice candles, food in the crock pot and the bounty of the harvest. It’s good.

    1. It’s something how such beauty can also bring sadness. Spring does that for me now.

      I would love to see some pictures of the Smokies in their peak. And thank goodness for crock pot food!

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