To Read Or Not To Read?

I’m not the best reviewer of books.  I’ve found that my tastes are not shared by the majority in many cases.  I’m old school – but not too old school.  I appreciate the early to mid 20th century american writers.  I don’t know many, half the time I don’t know the title or author of the book I’m currently reading.  I read books for distraction.  I read books to help inspire my own writing.  I read books to learn about humanity and history (which go hand-in-hand).  I read certain books because everybody else has read them and I want to know what the big hoopla is about.  I read because I can’t find anything good on T.V. and “there’s no way I’m folding that laundry tonight.”

One of the things I often look for in a book is that it leaves me asking questions after I’m through reading it.  Why does this leave me unsettled (I love when a book leaves me unsettled)?  What pisses me off about this character (I don’t know if it’s who I’m becoming or if it’s the authors’ current modern day heroines that frustrates me – maybe I should direct my anger at the author?  Nah.)?   If I was in this situation, how would I be different?  Okay, some books I devour not to engage into any moral or ethical or spiritual pondering.  I eat them up because I just need to read something silly and simple.  I like to numb my mind sometimes.  I know, it’s probably wrong.  I am a flawed person.  I have stated before that books are my drug of choice.

Book clubs are not my cup of tea because that requires speaking.  And I don’t know how to write about a book because how can I condense what I read into a few sentences?  Impossible.  I won’t do it.

Most times.

I finished reading a book called, Never Let Me Go by some asian guy (who lives in England – why didn’t he choose New Jersey?).  Go check it out.  I’m not going to review it.  Just know that it got me thinking.  I was disappointed that the author didn’t dig into the process of caring/donation (you’ve got to read it to know what I’m talking about), because that would truly have been disturbing. But whatever, it still left me unsettled.

I’m starting to embrace the fact that I appreciate a good science fiction book/and or movie.  Science fiction brings a lot of ethical questions to the table.  It asks the question, “what if…?”  What books are you drawn to? Do you recommend any?  Because I’m always up for some recommendations.  I’ve a ferocious appetite.


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