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Life Lesson #273

My husband says they add to the conglomerative flavor of a snack mix.  I say they are a filler – like Baby’s Breath is the filler to a bouquet of roses.

Pretzels don’t belong in snack mixes.  They are at their best as loners.


5 thoughts on “Life Lesson #273

      1. I’m not proud of that fact and if you notice, there is no “pet-peeve” category. It could be such a blissful expelling if I did. But one of my pet peeves are people with too many pet peeves. Which would make me my own pet peeve. 2 of my personalities are shaking their head in disagreement – “you are NOT your own pet peeve.” But I see those other personalities nodding their heads, “yeah, you are totally peeving yourself out.” And the rest? They just think I’m insane.

  1. Hahahahahahaahahaa!!!!! Cracking me up! I have the most pet peeves of anyone I know. Don’t tell one of your personalities, she won’t like me.

    Someday I’ll tell you all of my office and coworker pet peeves…

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