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Curses To The Kitchen Cabinet Knob

The kitchen cabinet door underneath our sink has been ruined by the kids and dog.  Isn’t that the way it is with everything?  I can have nothing nice.  Anyway, the door is always ajar at about 15-30 degrees.  And the knob is at that perfect patellar position (for my patella). For the purposes of this post, I’ve measured the distance between the kitchen floor and the medial aspect of my kneecap. I’ve also measured the distance between the kitchen floor and the cabinet knob.  Here are the results:

Kitchen floor to right medial patella : 17 1/4 inches

Kitchen floor to lower cabinet knob : 17 3/4 inches

I’m sure you can anticipate the danger here for my kneecap.  Time and time again that dang knob slams into my knee, somehow wedging itself between my cap and femur.  I sport a black and blue mark more times than not.  And nobody in my house seems to care – despite the howl (or occasional curse) that escapes from my mouth.  Nobody even kisses it for me.  Next time you see me, check out my right knee.  I will probably have a bruise.  And it’s all my kids’ and dog’s fault.

English: Kitchen at Yuba/Sutter Camp and Juven...
English: Kitchen at Yuba/Sutter Camp and Juvenile Hall, California, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   This is the OR where my kneecap repair and/or replacement surgery will be preformed.  I’m sure the reason why it looks like a kitchen to you is because you’re really hungry right now and need a meal.  I see no knobs on those cabinets.  That surgeon is safe from patella impalement.

8 thoughts on “Curses To The Kitchen Cabinet Knob

  1. Okay, the next time I see you, I’m going to ask you to pull up your scrubs and show me that purple right medial patella, so I can kiss it and make it all better. Maybe you should wear knee pads or some other kind of protective gear when you ‘re in your kitchen. Or better yet, since the door is always ajar a bit anyway, just take off the knob. It might save you a bunch of colorful knees and language too. Just a thought.

    BTW, you were missed last night. Hope you can make it next week.

    1. These are very good ideas Renee, I don’t know why I didn’t think of them (because I don’t have a whole lot of practical sense – that’s why). I think I’ll just take the knob off like you told me, since I don’t need any help in opening the door any longer (because it’s always open because the kids ruined it – did I mention that?).

      I had Meet-The-Teacher night on Wednesday (kids returned to school yesterday). But I’ll see ya at the next Pages!

    1. I would definately move – especially because of those black widows (kill count is 3 now) and small closets (they have nothing to do with each other but I can’t stand them).

  2. You know why they put that knob there – at just the right height? Because a MAN DESIGNED IT!!!!!! Women would have thought of something entirely diff. Cute, Em!
    I love it!! Sorry for your pains. Those ideas were very good!! 🙂 Especially taking the knob off —- or maybe fitting it with a flattened handle type thing that lays flat against the door. You could lift it to pull it open and when you close it, it goes flat – like your dresser drawer (mine has that).

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