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So even House Hunters is fake.  But I don’t care – I’ll believe their lie.

I saw a patient registration sheet today (for our office) in which the patient admitted to drug use.  And not just Marijuana.  Cocaine too.  And heroine.  Who admits to all that on their medical record?

What about this Penn State tragedy?  Abuse, lying, hiding, ignoring…

And the Colorado shooter.

Don’t get me talking about politicians.  I hate politics.


My brother and I were talking this past weekend, and my sis-in-law earlier last week.  It’s not so much about outward action – the wrong that is seen and experienced.  It goes deeper – it comes from the heart – darkness & brokeness in the heart.  Which began when Adam and Eve chose to be their own gods and continues to plague us to this day.  We still battle the same old heart issues.

Is it still true that “there is nothing new under the sun?”


Give it to me!

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