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Don’t Ask Me, I Think They’re The Same

It’s becoming more and more apparent (and more and more horrifying – I didn’t think it things could get any worse), I’m taking a downward dip deeper into insanity.  For a while there, I was walking the line – sometimes tumbling over briefly, most times striving to keep it together.

I can’t tell my right from my left. Which is particularly frightening when part of my responsibility as a podiatric medical assistant is to write-up patient pre-operative paper work and consent forms.  It’s humiliating to ask the person, “Which foot is bothering you?” they tell me and I proceed to take the wrong shoe off.  Or the doctor tells me to take an x-ray view and I take some other one instead.  I could go on and on and on… (what are they thinking, having me train the new recruits?)

I can’t do the simplest of tasks without screwing it up.  I tried to fax some paperwork today.  I couldn’t understand why it didn’t go through.  And then it hit me like an inspiration from heaven.  I should hit the “start” button instead of the “stop” button.  (but at least I’ve known that I can’t fax both sides of one paper at the same time for about a year now).

To my readers who have had a baby – do you remember how it was when you were pregnant?  You were big and clumsy and just a bit more stupid?  (or was this just me?)  I’m feeling like that again except I’m not pregnant or big. I’m just clumsy and stupid.

I thought I just needed a vacation.  My mind is tired.  I thought I needed exercise to stir up energy.  I had a vacation over memorial weekend – it didn’t help.  I’ve been exercising – gasp! – it isn’t helping.  Either I’ve got some disease or –

well – just keep on calling me Sistainsane.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me, I Think They’re The Same

  1. You looked beautiful and quite sane to me this evening. Would have loved to read your story about the shoelaces. We all makes oops now and then. This too shall pass.

    Hope you can join us again next week. I miss you when you aren’t at Pages. Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend!
    Hugs, Renee’

  2. “This too shall pass.” That has been my mantra whenever I can remember it. Thanks for reminding me of it again. I’ll be repeating that to myself many times tomorrow during work as I while away the hours before our camping trip.

    I miss you too, Renee! I wanted to talk longer with you tonight at Pages but I had to run to pick the kiddos up from their uncle’s. I really enjoyed what you shared with us – I can’t believe you write like that in a free-write, that’s everyone else’s polished piece! I love when you share. I hope to make it next week – Jason will be working 1st shift so he’ll be able to watch the kids.

    Hugs back at ya!

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