Blonde Moments

It Takes Time To Be This Smart


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Do you see those shelves behind our heads?  I got those shelves with my Sista on a trip to Ikea a handful of years ago.  It has proven to be one of my best house-good purchases so far made.  But for the longest time, those shelves hung empty.  I couldn’t figure out what to put on them. I’m not an interior designer, though I love to look through home magazines and watch HGTV.  I don’t buy things for the home often because I tend to feel guilty for these kinds of purchases.  (My hubby doesn’t make me feel guilty – it’s just hard to spend money on eye candy like art/candles/nic-nacs…).  I also don’t have much time to go looking for stuff.  And when I do, it’s hard for me to commit to something (because I want it to be worth spending money on).  It took me years to buy a duvet for our bed.  Finally, on impulse, I bought one while shopping with my sis-in-law and my sis-in-law-in-law (another Ikea trip and purchase = another winner).favorite place to be 005This is probably the only spot in the house that I can fully relax when looking at it.  Everything else is disorganized, dusty, or disarranged to some degree.  I take great pains to make my bed each morning – I can put the military to shame. 

But anyway.  Back to my bookshelves.  For months I had the dilemma.  Every now and then I’d ask myself, “what can I put on those bookshelves?”

What to put on the bookshelves?

The bookshelves, what should I put on them?

Bookshelves.   Hmmmmmm.  Bookshelves.

Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  I think, yeah, I’m getting an inspiration!  

What if I put some books on those bookshelves?  Well heck, I don’t even have to spend money on that!  (This is why the spots in my house that need design attention still need attention).

So I went to the basement and dug my books out of boxes and I put them on the shelves.  My Bible sits near Son of a Witch, Search for Significance is next to Ripcord, I’ve got Shel Silverstein and Dodie Smith, Steven King and J.I Packer, Tolstoy and Barbara Park, Anne Lamott and C.S. Lewis.  My inventory keeps growing.  I want more bookshelves.

But where should I put them?


Give it to me!

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