You’re Not Listening. I’m Not Giving.

I just hung up on Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

I don’t have caller ID but I wish I did.  Just for that reason.  I wouldn’t answer the phone to begin with and therefore I’d not be forced to hang up on persistent telemarketers or non-profit volunteers.  Why won’t they just shut up and hang up?  Why must I be the bad guy?  Is it hard to understand that I will not change my mind and renew my magazine subscription this year in order to help get those drunk drivers off the road?  I have in place a strict policy; I will conduct no supportive giving via the phone.

Sorry MADD, I’ll let my husband get those drunk drivers off the roads.


5 thoughts on “You’re Not Listening. I’m Not Giving.

  1. The message on my answering machine lets the caller know I am screening my calls or unavailable. You only pick up the phone when the caller identifies themselves. In my experience, telemarketers and non profits never talk to answering machines. It’s (almost) as good as caller ID! Works great for me.

    1. huh, interesting. I don’t know why I insist on answering my phone – I hate talking on it and it’s usually telemarketers and polititians and non-profits. I get more calls from them than I do from people I actually know and like. I like your solution to this problem!

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