Second Chances

I thought the movie, The Blind Side, was just okay.  Despite my ho hum opinion, it created a lot of hoopla.  Everyone loved it.  I couldn’t get past Sandra Bullock’s blonde hair.  Really – it ruined the movie for me.   I’m sorry to be so petty.  But it was distracting.  In a bad way.

I have a confession to make.  Tonight, as I watched it the second time and the shock of viewing a blonde Bullock was non-existent, I realized I was wrong.  The Blind Side is more than just okay.  It’s good.  Do wonders never cease?  


4 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. It was a great story I thought. If only we opened our hearts just a tad more this world we would have such an impact on peoples lives. I’m talking outloud to myself when I say that. It does make ya think, doesn’t it?

  2. My favorite thing about reading your blog is reading the comments from your mom. I love to see the sweet relationship unfold thru each post. A bit bittersweet… Mine’s been gone for 13 years. I miss her insight, wit and support. Nothing in this work beats a mom. {and Sandra Bullock was a helluvan awesome mom in The Blind Side!!}

    1. My mom is my biggest encourager! I’m sorry to hear your’s has been gone for 13 years. I bet it has been hard, especially when raising your kiddos, to not have her to bounce things off of. You remind me to squeeze everything I can out of my mom now, while I still have her (and mom, you’re not going anywhere for a good long time). Thank you Kimber.

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