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I Want To Be More Like Them

In the spirit of “consume less produce more”, I will write a post before I get lost in my many reading diversions.  {Although, if I was to be a true purist, I’d have to write voluminous amounts of crap and really, nobody wants to get that nitty-gritty in my thoughts.  Not even I.  That’s why I consume more.}  But, I will try to balance the scales a little more to the left tonight. 

Morgue Humor
Morgue Humor (Photo credit: LoneWolfMontana) Next stop? You got it.

One of my most favorite aspects of working where I do (a podiatry office), is that I get to talk with many kinds of people each day.  From the young to the old, the grumpy to the sweet.  I have been frustrated at the stupidity of people, amazed at the positive perspectives of many, fumed at the audacity of others, and loved the fun back and forth banter of those who enjoy humor. 

For the most part, my most favorite patients are the old ones.  Many of them are so comfortable with themselves.  They have a “tell it like it is” mentality.  No apologies, just take me as I am or don’t take me at all attitude.  I have the most fun with them.  “I’m taking you to the back room – it’s where we put the patients we don’t like.”  They can handle my humor.  And they give it right back.   Do you think they go home and agonize over conversations they’ve had with family or friends?  Not so much.    

Maybe someday, I’ll get to the place in my life where I won’t pour over conversations I’ve had after being in the company of friends and family, dissecting my actions, and wonder if I offended.  Maybe I’ll let go of some regrets.  Maybe I’ll find the place where I won’t feel like my mistakes define me.  Maybe someday, it will be second nature to think  more about others and less often about myself. 

It’s getting closer.


2 thoughts on “I Want To Be More Like Them

  1. You have to recognize it to deal with it so you’re on the right track!!! I was the same way when I was your age. Now I can just say -“I’m OLD – that’s the way it is when you are old!” , You start to realize that you cannot be everything to everybody and you learn to accept that. You will, sweet daughter. You will.

    1. “You start to realize that you cannot be everything to everybody and you learn to accept that.”

      I have a feeling, ex pastor’s wife, that you have a lot you could write about on this.

      When are you writing your blog? Have you thought about starting one to document your Vietnam experience? You don’t have to make it public, you could invite just a few of us. But I better get an invite.

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