Molly the Dog

The Life Of Our Oppressed

“Write about dogs.  What you hate about them and what you love about them.”  That was the assignment my kids just gave me after asking them what topic they would like me to write about.

Okay.  Dogs.  Hmmmmmm. 

We’ve had Molly the Dog for almost as long as we’ve been married.  She’ll turn 13 in July.  Like the kind person he is, Jason remembers her birth date – I just remember it’s in the summer.  I used to adore Molly.  Before the kids came along and made their own messes.  Molly would curl up to me on my chair while I’d read or study (I was in nursing school at the time).  She was a very cute puppy, but like all puppies, she chewed on things.  She destroyed one of my favorite books, Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, and chewed on the corners of my college textbooks.  But I easily forgave her these trespasses because she was just so darn cute. 

Thirteen years, two kids, and thousands of messes later, I just tolerate her.  I know.  It’s sad.  You feel sorry for her.  You’re thinking, “it’s not her fault you had kids and messes were made”.   You’re thinking I have a tiny cold heart.  You just want to take her home and love her to pieces.  Here, I’ll give you a picture taken just yesterday:

Molly the Dog with her disgusting baby.


Not that you can tell by her grooming (or lack of), but Molly the Dog is a miniature Schnauzer.  Technically, she is a dog.  But Molly the Dog has an alternate personality.  She is part pig.  Part pig with an asthma condition.  If you’ve ever met Molly the Dog, you know what I’m talking about.  Unfortunately, I have not upgraded my WordPress site to include videos (that costs money).  Therefore, I cannot provide the auditory evidence/experience needed to convince/amuse you. 

We live on almost 4 acres of land and our surrounding neighbors own many more acres.  There is plenty of wide open spaces for an adventurous dog like Molly the Dog to roam about.  And we used to let Molly the Dog go – knowing she would be back when it suited her.  If cats can roam free why not dogs?  Our consciences got the better of us (we did not want to discover a furry grey pancake on the road one day) and started to hook her up a handful of years ago.  But, whenever she can manage it, she will run wild, frolic in the farmer neighbor’s freshly fertilized fields, visit their black lab, say “hi” to my neighbor friends across the road.  And she won’t return when we call her.  She claims she has lost hearing capabilities now that she is old.  Yeah right Molly. 

I have stopped being angry whenever I discover a torn up trash bag with garbage strewn and smeared all over the kitchen floor.  At this point, the fault is more mine for neglecting to remove her temptation.  I know better.  I just forget sometimes.  And she can’t help herself.  She’s addicted to trash.

Molly the Dog impresses us with the amount of sleep time she partakes in during a 24 hour period.  But it’s understandable, the life of a dog is burdensome.  However, she can manage bursts of energy in the evenings.  Just yesterday she and Noel threw the tennis ball together.  Molly is still very fast on her legs.  She may not see where she’s going, but she runs in whatever direction with the speed of lightning. 

How much time do we have left with Molly the Dog?  I have a feeling it will be a few more years.  She’s so stinking healthy.  Just as long as the kids remember to feed her. 



2 thoughts on “The Life Of Our Oppressed

  1. You’ll be old too one of these days!!!! lol Molly’s a good girl, even if she does rattle and clank!!! 🙂 I love her. I can’t believe that Zoe would be that old had she not gotten fried……

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