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My older brothers were born within a year of each other.  I came along 3-4 years after and my younger brother 3-4 years after that.  My mom told me that when I was born and the doctor told her she had a girl, one of her first reactions was fear.  She was used to boys – how would a girl be?

My mom would tell you that I’m a lot like my dad.  I’ll tell you that I am a lot like my mother.

My mom is a poet.  I’m sure she’s choking on her coffee right now if she read that while drinking.  But she is.  You are.  Maybe my definition is different than everyone else’s, so I’ll tell you why I think my mother is a poet. 

My mom has written poetry, but that’s not the main reason why she’s a poet.  Poets are passionate.  We’re temperamental…

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  1. This made me miss my momma. I think I’m more like her than I’d like to admit. Sarcasm and a critical spirit are some of the qualities I’d love to shake, but I fear they’re ingrained in my soul… so so hard to shake these bad habits.
    Beautiful post!

    1. I hear ya about bad habits!

      My mom and I are so much alike – my brothers and I were laughing about it this past weekend. Dan pointed out that mom and I were making pot-roast on the same day. I’m looking more and more like her too. This is not a bad thing – my mom is young looking and she has the most beautiful blue eyes.

  2. I love this post. I hope I’m like this, I hope my kids will be able to post something like it some day. I just have to try, now, to build this type of relationship.

    My favorite part is the part where you love knowing she thinks you should stay home from work. I know what you mean. So beautiful.

    🙂 L

    p.s. THANK YOU FOR THE EMAIL! I keep meaning to respond – it was SO VALUABLE. THANK YOU

    1. I can’t wait to read your kids blogposts on you! I can just imagine! (I started a blog for Noel to write in – I’ll have to get her to write about me – what kind of craziness would she write?)

      And I know how life is, I have a few emails I need to send out, a letter I need to write too, and it just hasn’t gotten done – don’t worry about it.

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