The Great Experiment

Whatever You Think, It’s NOT A Resolution

I’ve decided to try, (when it suites and as it pleases), to walk/jog with intention.  For those of you who know me, you may pick yourselves up off the floor now.  For those of you who have just clicked on this site because you were sent here when you googled, “Resolution”, let me first of all apologize that your inquiry has led you to me.    Secondly, if you read any further, let me tell you that I have had strong feelings of anti-exercise beliefs for many years and have listed, in the past, reasons why exercising is harmful and pointless.  (they were very convincing reasons – I’m sure I swayed many a reader to my side).

I call this new way of being, The Great Experiment.  I have first talked about this many months ago in my post, Joining the Average Joes.  I have not forgotten about it.  I’m not, (oh, how my fingers hate to write this word and my mind cringes with just thinking it) exercising for the sake of exercising or for any possible health benefits, (limited as those are which do not outweigh the risks).  So let’s just make that clear right now. OKAY?  I am perfectly happy being weak and somewhat flabby.  I rock that look and my hubby likes opening jars for me. 

Yesterday I walked about 4 miles around my house – risking being attacked by Redneck backwoods people and raged caged beagles, walking through poo mists from freshly fertilized fields, and nearly dying from wind, sun, and uphill climbs.  But I did not stop these little legs from walking.  One foot in front of the other.  Unless I was taking pictures (I had to bring my camera – there’s got to be some entertainment for me and my mp3 player is missing in action), I was moving.  After  yesterday’s Great Experiment  experience, I had to take a nap for the rest of the afternoon.  But look at the pictures I got!

walking furnace to trinity 010

This would make a great Writer’s Shack!  I want it for my very own.

walking furnace to trinity 012

walking furnace to trinity 013

walking furnace to trinity 018

This must be someone’s deluxe deer stand – around here, people take hunting very seriously and prefer their garages and deer stands to be bigger than their own houses as this is where they spend most of their time. 

walking furnace to trinity 024

Oh Thank God I hit Trinity Road!  Little did I know that this part of Trinity was all uphill (close to home –right?  No).  Good times.

walking furnace to trinity 022

walking furnace to trinity 025

And here is where I walked through the Mists of Poo .

(or should I call it, The Mists of Shits?)

walking furnace to trinity 026

walking furnace to trinity 027

I thought the below veggies were red unpeeled onions of enormous size.  They are not.  And they will sit there until they rot, into the Spring and Summer, where they will create such a stench that The Mists of Poo smell like a bouquet of honeysuckles in comparison.

walking furnace to trinity 028

So, that was my odyssey through the backcountry.  Next time, I’m going to trek it in reverse.  

And by-the-way.  This Great Experiment is NOT, I repeat, NOT a New Year’s Resolution.  I hate resolutions with a passion and have sworn them off for good many years ago.


6 thoughts on “Whatever You Think, It’s NOT A Resolution

    1. It was – though my butt and legs are mumbling disatisfaction, they don’t like The Great Experiment and are angry that I didn’t get their permission first.

      love ya too mom!

  1. I love love love the photos!!! And the post. Yeah, I was in track and cross country in high school and I HATE TO RUN. I could spend hours in a weight room, lifting. But cardio? NO. I detest cardio. So, I haven’t worked out on purpose since the week I got married in 2003. Ha.

    It’s not a resolution. I believe you.

    🙂 L

    1. Thanks Leslie!

      You look like a runner! When I had to go see Dean The Physical Therapist a few years ago, he had me do weight stuff and I really liked that. Cardio hurts the heart and lungs too much. Those organs are too important and I really don’t want to risk making them angry. So I leave them alone.

  2. Okay, I am here at the urging of Leslie.
    Leslie… I owe you ten bucks {maybe more}. After one blogpost, I have found true love.
    Kindred spirit doesn’t even begin to get it.
    I hate exercise almost as much as I hate resolutions.
    I did, however, promise {that’s not the same, right?} to run a 5K. {May as well be a marathon}
    Oh, dear Lord.
    I’ll be back. {and if you have any wordpress tips… like how to get my font smaller for photo captions, etc, I’m all ears}

    1. Thank you so much for your words Kimber! And welcome to the dark side! I do believe a promise is different than the R word. If I break a promise, though I feel guilty, I don’t tend to feel as much of a failure as I do when I break a resolution. And a 5K? I heard somewhere that if you can run a 5K, you can run a marathon. You go girl! I’ll be checking out your blog and hopefully you can let us know how you’re doing with the training.

      I know how to write captions for Wiki pics, but I’m not so sure about my own. I’ll have to check into it. I’m not that great with computer stuff though.

      And thank you Leslie for leading a kindred spirit over here! I SO appreciate knowing I’m not the only one of my kind. Seriously, helps me feel a little more sane.

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