Into The Invitation

A New Beginning


~ written January 2009

Suppose the circumstances of your life led you figuratively to the edge of a high cliff. Before you is void, below you is death, and above you is life. And imagine the circumstances of your life tossed high in the air like a child tosses armfuls of airy leaves over his head into the breeze. All your financial security, health, and comfort has flown out of your hands, out of your control. And you hold your breath. And you wait. Will those cares and concerns glide smoothly and effortlessly through the air? Or will they plummet like heavy bricks to the dark hard earth below? The angst is in the waiting. Our human minds imagine the deep dark fall into obscurity. For our circumstances dictate nothing else. How can bricks fly? But what if it is not so much circumstance that dictate flying or falling? What if it’s more about perspective? Perhaps the only difference in soaring high above and plummeting to the depths is the way we view our circumstance? Perhaps the cement bricks are airy leaves all along? And what we thought were weights tied to bring us down were wings given to lift us up? What if the dead end was in fact a new beginning? And the only way to begin was to jump off the cliff and trust our Creator to bring us high?


After writing this a few years ago, I knew that I couldn’t quite live in to it’s message.  How could I truly believe that when I had yet to be tested?  I wrote it more from theory and sensed the test was about to begin.

It’s the most difficult lesson I’ve ever experienced, and I don’t believe I’m an expert.  In fact, it’s something that I tend to struggle with, this whole perspective thing and trusting God.  But I believe it to be true.

I’m beginning to believe it to be true.


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. That’s what life in Christ is all about and it takes a lifetime of coming to terms with it in every area of our lives. Some areas we may struggle with longer than others to give God the preeminence but it seems that the longer you live in Christ the more you realize his ways are so much better than we could have imagined and why do we hang on to our own ways that get us nowhere for so long?

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