Inspirational Movies

Written: February , 2009

I watched one tonight! I was in such a bummed mood too. There was nothing on TV, my book was slightly boring (what can I expect from a book titled When Will There Be Good News), and I had a depression hang-over from writing the previous post last night.

But Jason chose to watch Teen Wolf, (I told you there was nothing on) and believe it or not I was sucked into it, leaving my book reading for the commercials. I loved the 80’s synthesizer music, the 80’s clothes & culture, and believe it or not, Teen Wolf has many levels of depth and wisdom which I’m still processing (don’t worry, I won’t use this blog to do the processing.). For those, who like me, never heard of Teen Wolf because you were just a kid and your parents were a bit strict in the movies you saw, or perhaps you weren’t even born yet (forget it, my readership of 5 are all about my age), this movie had Michael J. Fox as the main character. And he was a werewolf. I was a bit disappointed in his size. Because I am reading through the Twilight series, my visuals of werewolves are much bigger and stronger. Michael just didn’t fit the bill in that regard.

There are other inspirational movies that I love. Hoosiers (there’s always room for second chances), Rocky 1 thru (is it up to 8 now?), Rudy (be tenacious, it’s all worth it if you get to play for a couple of minutes), The Three Amigos (wisely choose a good bird-call and you really don’t need the invisible swordsman) , Dead Poets Society (proving that it’s okay to be who you are – just don’t kill yourself), Anne of Green Gables (because she’s a writer), and my next-to-the-newest (that being Teen Wolf) inspirational movie – Run Fat boy Run (because if I would need an exercising inspirational movie, this would be the one).

I don’t pick the inspirational movies though, when we go to rent a movie. No, we’ve learned that it’s best I don’t pick ANY movie because I tend to pick the depressing ones (let me remind you of the book I’m reading right now, When Will There Be Good News). These movies tend to have a lot of violence and death in them. Shooter – the title alone should have clued us in. I did however pick Run Fat boy Run I’m very proud to admit. And that had a very happy, though predictable, ending with nobody dying or killing. But typically, I’m not allowed to pick the movies anymore. I guess it’s the Borderline Personality Disorder thing going on – I’m drawn to anger, depression, violence, and bad morality. It’s not that I go there with the intent to rent that type of movie, but I want a movie that I can chew on for awhile & the description on the box doesn’t get into all the awfulness of the movie. I guess rated R movies aren’t what they used to be. They’re much worse. When I was a teen, my mom & I would rent rated R movies when my dad went away for a few days – (she’s a pastor’s wife!) . We were so bad.  I was such a rebellious teenager!

And here’s where I give a plug in for Redbox before I go to bed. I love the Redbox. It has made stay-at-home dating that much cheaper! And as long as we return it the next day, it’s only a buck! But I have a bad history of late returns.  The library has sent me (unbeknownst to my hubby) a couple of threatening letters, only after a couple of threatening phone calls. And I used to volunteer at the library. My monetary donation to the library is funded by my late return fines. Which reminds me, I need to go to the library tomorrow. I’m going to have to renew When Will There Be Good News.


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