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One Big Green Newbie Blogger

This was my very first post, written in September 30, 2008:


Okay, I have no idea what I’m doing – but full speed ahead! I will not stop writing till I have this posted. I tried writing this 1st post 3 different times previously, only to delete. In my first edition, I wrote that I feel like I’m being baptized before 1,000 people – I’m that nervous. In the 2nd edition, I tried to comfort myself by quoting what my friend wrote to me – “it’s not a big life commitment”. But my hands still shook as I tried to come up with something to write! In the 3rd edition of the 1st post I didn’t write anything but the title. So that’s where I’m at now. It’s 10pm and I’m getting desperate. And the auto save is driving me crazy – it’s taunting me with blinking every now and then (like every minute – is that normal?), telling me to hurry up – it’s losing interest.
So, if you are unfortunate enough to be blessed with the invite to view this blog site, you already know more than you want to know about me. So why go over all that? I’m only going to go back and delete this 1st post after a few of you view this anyway, and I’ll start over correctly. But this is my outlet, hence the title of the blog site, if I did it correctly. I am a God wrestler, God pursuer, & God worshiper (damn you auto save!). And this is my place to question, hash, and be nutty.
I hope I didn’t offend.


2 thoughts on “One Big Green Newbie Blogger

  1. Oh, the olden days of blogging. 2008 was a good year. It’s when I started mine, too. I’m SO glad you did, E, because there are some posts of yours that changed my life. You think I’m kidding? Ha. My entire perspective of who God is and how he directs our lives was changed through a post of yours that Brett (not knowing about the post) confirmed a day later. It was a life-changing week for me. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it does to me 😉

    I’ve seen how you, as a Christian, handle tragic loss. How you, as a Christian, handle working while being a mom. How you reason through life. It’s not only hilarious, but compelling and convicting.


    Thank you for blogging!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I certainly have struggled with working while being a mom, that’s one big reason for this post-writing and all around computer usage break. Although I can’t completely cut it out. Can’t quit cold turkey!

      And I will say, “right back at ya” with your posts. You’ve been getting me thinking and God’s been convicting me of a few things through your writing – so I’ve got to sit with him and sort it all out.

      I am so glad you have a blog!

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