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Old School

Today, Jason and I enjoyed a much needed “date morning”.   After we dropped the kiddos off at school, we traveled over the hill and through the woods to the next county over where retail shopping is at least a step up or two from what we experience over here in our neck of the woods.  Jason has needed clothes for some time now, but because of his work schedule and our own family schedule, it has been difficult to carve that time out.  So off we went, no breakfast this time to divide us.

Up the escalators we glide where Jason spots a table of flannel.  As we look around us, there is flannel everywhere.  Jason is in his glory.  Flannel is back.  With a vengeance.  When we started dating, (15 years ago?) flannel was what this man wore.  Flannel and preppy stuff.  In the past, I’ve tried to break him of his taste, sometimes succeeding, but mostly not.  He is one picky dude.  That’s why he had to be with me today.  He is not the kind of guy that will wear whatever I buy him.

Back to the basics – back to the beginning.  Only better.  That was what we picked out for him today.  Two flannel shirts, two comfy pullovers, and one pair of 569 Levi Loose Straight jeans.  He is one gorgeous guy – even hotter than 15 years ago when he stepped out of my dream date list and into my real life.  How lucky am I that I can call him mine

We then waited with all the veterans for the Olive Garden to open it’s doors for lunch.


I’ve been watching Vietnam in HD on the History Channel for the past 3 nights.  It has been amazing to watch.  My dad fought in that war.  And as I watched real footage of all those young men, I thought of him and what he must have gone through.  My dad fought in one of the last major battles of Vietnam called Ripcord.  One year before, the famous Hamburger Hill battle was fought.  Because of that infamous battle which increased negative public opinion of the war, causing pressure on the government to scale down it’s offensive, the battle at Ripcord was not publicized, and increased support was not granted to those men who fought to keep that hill.  I had been hoping that the History Channel would document Ripcord.  But they did not.  Never-the-less, Vietnam in HD was eye-opening and I’m glad I watched it.  These soldiers, along with the men and women who have fought in other wars and at present, have sacrificed much.  Sometimes everything.  My dad told me while we were eating our birthday breakfast together this past October, “there was never a day that I didn’t think about Vietnam.”  All these years later, with babies born and ministries led, he still thinks about Vietnam.  Those who come home from war don’t sever the ties as easily as we who welcome them home.  Mom and Dad have a heart for the people of Vietnam.  They have taken trips there, teaching English, talking about God, forming relationships.  Dad says his bad memories from the war are not so much in focus now, when he thinks of Vietnam.  He now thinks of his more recent experiences, these good memories.  And it has helped him find peace.  He hopes to help other Vietnam vets find the peace in the same way. 

Going back to the beginning, but better.


Lately, it’s been hard to know what to write about here, on this blog.  I’ve always been of the mindset that I will write what I’ve been thinking about.  I have no theme here.  I write what pleases me, to entertain myself, to share with you, sometimes to make sense of some deeper issues, sometimes to rant or share a laugh.  It’s life.   But I’ve felt a little dry lately.  Should I really write about what is troubling my heart?  Do I risk offending anyone?  I don’t believe I have a true perspective on things at the moment.  And you know why?  I haven’t been spending time with my Creator – the kind of time that draws me closest to Him.  Pen to paper.  Old school way.  Digging in his Word and ruminating on his message.  Then writing to him in response.  I haven’t done that consistently since the first few months after Michelle died.  When I don’t spend time with him, my writing dries up.  He’s been inviting me back. 

Back to the basics, to the beginning.  Only better.

So I’ll not be writing new posts till after the holidays.  Every few days I’ll pull out an old favorite and repost it.  But for now, my main focus will not be on the computer but on living, learning, and giving.  Or trying to anyway.  Why am I so bad at being good? 


2 thoughts on “Old School

  1. We will miss this, Emily. You have a great ability to communicate on “paper”.
    Enjoy your time away. You’ll not let this time away stop you from starting again.
    Love you daughter!

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement mom! It means a lot. Not only are you giving me much needed encouragement from one reader to one writer, you are giving me a mother’s encouragement and blessing, which is even more sweeter. Thank you!

    Along with this being the holiday season where things tend to naturally get too hectic and out of true focus all too easily, I feel that God is pulling me away to break me of certain bad habits, to allow time to instill much better ones, and to focus on Him through journalling again. The computer has become a big distraction. Also, I need to discuss with Him some of the reasons why I blog – what would be HIS reasons for me to blog and if I should perhaps take a different direction or continue on as it is. It’s good to check in with the Boss every now and then. 🙂

    And mom, I can’t tell you emphatically enough how much I’m looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip. “I’m going to Thanksgiving” is what I start to tell people until I correct myself with, “I’m going to Ohio for Thanksgiving”. Thanksgiving and Ohio are synonyms in my book.

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