Terrible Advice That I Would Give

For all those who love to write or who love the thought of writing, here is a website dedicated to bringing you writing ideas – if you should need them like I do tonight.  I want to write in order to try out this very cool font.

Here’s my writing prompt this evening, taken from that fantastic website.

bad quotes

My daughter’s advice from this very evening:  “mommy, if you smell something in my room, it’s because I was being creative.”  Noel’s advice? See #1.

#1: All things are permissible in the name of creativity.

#2: A little Propofol ain’t hurt nobody.

#3: Just follow the light. (said by me to an old lady who needed directions to the receptionist)

#4: Just do it, I’m sure it’s sterile enough.

Okay, I’m all out.  I need your help.  What potentially terrible advice would you give?  And I love this font. 


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