That’s Not On My Bucket List

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… and neither is Disney World.


I have been wanting to write this post for years now.  I even have started writing the Bucket List up on my Word Processor file under the document name; My Bucket List

My Bucket List (in no particular order):

Travel to Italy and spend a couple weeks there
Travel to Cuba on a missions trip
Take a few weeks long road trip up the PCH
Write a book
Stay at the Trappe Family Lodge in Stowe, VT with my family – showing them the houses where I lived, the school I went to, Lackey’s where we got our penny candy, and of course ski down Mt. Mansfield, and cross-country skiing at the lodge.
Travel out west during the summer with my family
Take a road trip with the girls in a convertible, no map, no gps, no agenda.  Just drive.
Kill a groundhog with a 22. (killing one with my car, although amusing, was not very satisfying)
Get a tree tattoo on my side
Be righteously angry
Hit and chase people when I’m in a wheel chair with dementia (yes, it can be done, just ask Charlotte – my inspiration)
Climb a rock wall, or go for the real thing – I’m not picky


But then I realized that there really is only about 3 things that I really really really  want to do, if only 3 things can be granted by the bucket list god.  (and if that bucket list god is myself, like I’m thinking that it would be, then I should really consider paring down the list to one thing, in acknowledgement to my own capabilities, or lack there-of.) 


Going Out West With My Family

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on a silly temporary thrill trip to Disney World (because I don’t think we could do both), I would like to rent an RV (I’m not sure the Sea Pine pop-up would make the cut) and travel out West during one Summer.  Why, you might ask?  Well, there are plenty of thrilling things to experience out West, such as going to a Pow Wow, white water rafting and riding horses and jeeps along very narrow mountain ledges.  And talk about the beauty of the landscape!  Think of the Kodak moments and the resulting scrapbook!  And all the history to learn!  Learning something should always be a goal of any vacation.  This is the family vacation that I dream of.


Road Trip With The Sistas Without A Predetermined Destination Or Map Or GPS In A Convertible

You hear that Sistas?  You, You, You, and me, hopping in some kind of sporty convertible going who knows where because we’re too busy talking and laughing and having fun to really care.  Where will we go?  Who will we encounter?  What will see? It’s going to be a blast and we’re going to do it.  At no later than 50 years of age.  Because that’s right before our bodies really start to break down – and I should know.  I see people of all ages and the ones who have waited till their “golden years” to do anything regret it because they are unable to.  The golden years suck.  This is the word on the streets, or at least in the Podiatry office.  I want to hit all my traveling bucket list items before the golden years set in.  Killing a groundhog should be a hoot while in the golden years.  But not traveling.  Who wants to stop every 2 hours to pee?  Who wants to get a cortisone injection to the hip before a trip just to be able to walk?  No.  I refuse.  Before 50 ladies.  Before 50. 


Buying A Cottage (and a boat – for hubby) @ Chincoteague and Owning A Cute Eclectic Boutique On Main Street

The most sacred of bucket list items.  Enough said.


Have you thought about your bucket list items?  Have you fulfilled any yet?  Tell me about it – leave a comment.  Maybe you’re so busy living life that you don’t have time to think about a bucket list – that’s awesome!  That’s what life should be – full moment by every full moment.


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