What’s Your Pleasure?


You want Percocet?  Sure, I can get you that.  With a side of Oxycodone?  No problem.


I had a patient come in today, complaining the same old complaint, asking the same old questions.  After sending her on her way (or so we thought), she came back to my work station to request Percocet.  Not only Percocet, but Oxycodone as well.  She even dictated what milligram she wanted.  I wanted to kick her out the door.  It’s all I can do to keep the anger from my face sometimes.   Patients who dictate their pain medication and dosage get under my skin real fast. 

Bring on the weekend.  I have a nice one coming up.  Noel and I are going on a road trip on Friday (after her dentist appointment) and coming home on Monday.  No patients.  No paper work.  No calls to pharmacies and labs.  No pain med requests.  No certified diabetic foot care evaluations.  No castings.  No dispensing of wound care dressings.  No pre-ops.  No notes.  No craziness of the podiatric sort.  It feels like it should be Thursday, my last work day of the week, instead of Tuesday, the end of the beginning.

I’m leaving my messy unorganized house with all the house projects that are forever stuck in my head.  I’m leaving the hummingbird feeder with boiled juice of which the hummingbirds avoid at all cost.  I’m leaving my pepper plants that refuse to grow  – they are nursing a bruised ego because I planted them much too late.  I am leaving dishes and suppers and laundry and dirty floors.  They will all wait for me to get back. 

Bring on the weekend road trip with my little girl. We’re going South.  I should be able to make this trip with my eyes closed.  I’ve gone there almost every year since I was about Noel’s age. 



5 thoughts on “What’s Your Pleasure?

    1. Mom, I think that little talk will be done after we get home sometime – relatively soon after. And thanks! I think I’m looking forward to sleep almost as much as the beach! Love ya too.

  1. Enjoy every moment with your “little” girl!!!!!! How they grow up so quickly….. but never stop taking your mother/daughter trips….. oh, I’m getting a tear in my eye!
    Have fun!

    1. We had a wonderful time Lisa – I think you’re right, we need to do something like this every year. It was nice not having to worry about anybody but us – much more simpler and special too!

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