It’s My Party And I’ll …


… buy if I want to. 


Okay, here’s my shpeel, you’ll be hounded read it once, and that will be it.  Because that’s the great kind of salesman I am.  No pressure, no nothin.  Just an opportunity, should you want it.

I have never heard of 31 gifts before a couple of months ago.  That’s when one of the doctor’s came in with one of their products and our receptionist got all googly eyed over it and asked in a hushed and awed tone,


 Is that a 31 bag?


It so happened to be from 31 and the snowball affect was instantly initiated.  Said receptionist wanted to have her own 31 party, inviting half our town’s foot patients, and the next thing you know I’m finding myself sitting beside J.C. (not Jesus Christ – I know you were thinking that) ordering $75 worth, wishing I could spend about $500 more & agreeing to host a catalog/on-line party. 

Despite the biblical reference to the Excellent Wife, I’ve decided to support the business, just this once.

So, maybe you are as clueless as I once was.  Let me enlighten you.  31 Gifts is a home party type business thing that you invite people over to your house, a consultant has products, people order, and you get rewards towards your purchase.   I’m not doing that home party thing.  More work, more time, more loose ends.  I’m going the easy route – I’m hosting an on-line catalog party.  I’m not even going to send out emails to all my friends and family. (Do you know how popular I am?  That’s waaaaay too many email addresses. Winking smile)  Quite frankly, if nobody orders from me, I’m happy.  Less work for me.  However, if some people do, than maybe I can get something off that Thermal Tote I want. 

They’ve got purses, luggage, totes, lunch bags, backpacks, wallets, stationary, cute fabric choices, and a variety of fonts to choose from should you want to embroider your name or something.  The prices are fair, some are a bit pricey, some inexpensive.  “Think outside the box” I was told, in how you might use a product. 

Here’s how you go about looking at the products:  click on one of the pink links above, then click on the option to view the catalog.  This will give you all the products page by page with different ways to use them.  The last couple of pages gives small thumbnail pictures of each product with the fabric you can choose for that particular one.  You can choose to embroider, picking the color and font style, for $6.  Once you choose what you want, click here to begin your on-line shopping experience.

My party ends on the 25th of this month.  If you order from me and you live in my area, I’ll be delivering your order – yay!  An excuse to visit friends!  If you live far away, please don’t make me come out to you, unless you live by the ocean.  You can order, you’ll just have to pay an extra couple of bucks to have it shipped directly to you.  Sad smile

Well, I think that’s it.  Do what you want – don’t buy/do buy.  I’m in a win-win situation either way you choose.


3 thoughts on “It’s My Party And I’ll …

  1. I just realized that you can’t get to the shopping part from the link that I hooked you up to so here’s what you do:

    * click on one of the other pink links
    *once there, click on Place An Order
    *once at that page click under the lady’s lovely picture
    *then choose the correct Stump girl (can’t believe there’s 2 of us) I think my name is highlighted. This gives me credit for your order.

      1. Mom, have an awesome time in Chincoteague! Enjoy the Island Creamery for me – I’m so jealous.

        I think I’m going to try to take Noel to the beach for a couple nights – our first mother/daughter trip!

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