It’s Not Bunion Surgery–It’s A Ford Focus!

Buying a car is like signing your life a way, more so than even going through surgery, where you actually could be signing your life away.

I know this to be factual, not dramatically opinional (made that word up right there –  pretty cool huh?).  It’s part of my job to fill out patient pre-op paperwork.  There are about 5 or 6 papers to fill out for a patient before they head into surgery.  They only need to sign one, at one place.  Their pre-op visit lasts 20 minutes or so. 

This past weekend we bought a little used commuter car and it took at least an hour to go through all the paper work.  We signed countless pieces of paper.  That didn’t even include any loan or extended warranty paperwork.  You’d think things would be pretty straight up, simple, and fast if you pay cash.

I find it interesting that there’s more paperwork, more need for signatures, to buy a simple car than to allow some person to take a knife to you and do all sorts of barbaric things to you in the name of medicine.  We bought a Ford Focus for Pete’s sake, we’re not going through surgery.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Bunion Surgery–It’s A Ford Focus!

  1. we just a bought a jeep. of course ours died 3 weeks later. in the middle of a busy road. and we had to get it towed. alas it was the battery. or so we think. i guess time will tell.

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