Is It February Yet?


I don’t know why, but I’m looking forward to ending this month.  Bring on February.  A fresh start and closer to June 2nd – graduation day for my hubby.

But I love a good snow storm.  I’ll tell you why; the complaining and whining, the anticipation and bracing for the “big one”, the realization that it’s out of my control and what will be will be whether I can get out or not … I love it.  I ask each patient, “so what are they calling for now?”  And each patient will groan.  And I’ll groan.  And grin.  Because I love it.  I love the sudden switch up of routine.   I know it’s only temporary.   But it’s different. 

This past week I only worked 2 point 5 days.  I went home on Wednesday after only 4 hours of working.  I could not get out of my garage on Thursday due to the 12 inches of snow we accumulated the night before (though Jason plowed his way out with his truck, no excuse good enough to miss police academy).   So mom, I had a nice long weekend to rest.  And as long as I’m taking Claritin, I’m good. 

I hear we’re in for another “system” or 2 early on this week.  Groan.  (grin).  I’ll get the scoop from my patients.  Are you ready for more snow?  Come on my Pennsylvania friends!  We’ve got a whole month and more of winter weather to get through!  We might as well enjoy it!  Chin up!  You know you’re going to miss it come Summer – remember those 100 degree days? 

Here’s a post to read from last February – oh how I wish we were going back to this place!  That was a fun winter vacation with family. I can’t believe that was only a year ago – can I be wrong?   This year, Jason & I will not be joining the rest of the Clan for the traditional President’s Day ski weekend trip.  Hubby has class that weekend.  But that’s okay, I don’t mind not skiing.


6 thoughts on “Is It February Yet?

  1. Bring on the snow — we’re cut from the same mold, Em!! Love you! That was fun on Saturday!! I’d like to do that again sometime!! After our life settles down a bit!!! 🙂 Thanks for inviting me along!

  2. Hey there forecast girl! LOL
    This post was humorous- and as we all may wish for spring and summer…. I too love a good huge snow fall- you know the kind where it’s gorgeous outside your kitchen window while brewing tea or cocoa – arranging cookies on a plate- aaahhh…. how I wish we were to get more here! China Doll is not….we had too many days off this week and mid terms are constantly being postponed. So is gymnastics…..oh to be a teen and have their problems!
    Back to your post….. very funny and please keep me posted on the weather in your neck of the woods! If you do get a chance to be snowed in- no big tire tracks to follow out your garage- enjoy the cocoa and cookies! Make extra for your mom….another fun day together with her!

    Hope all is going well……I’ve been feeling disconnected once again from my blogging world! Ugh…. I forgot just what it was like to be a working mom- again. : ( Oh, should I whining and complaining after my recent post? : )

    1. Lisa – I remember so well those first few months of working – trying to adjust to a new job and a new routine. I think things are starting to be much more smooth now – and my brain is not as tired as it was after a long day a work! You’ll get there too – and then you’ll have more energy to write and read blog posts! Hang in there – it’ll happen!

      My mom and I took my daughter and 2 girls over to Lancaster to a bead shop where they created necklaces – it was so much fun and so beautiful outside because it was flurrying big snow flakes.

      I think I might make monkey bread tonight or tomorrow morning – I don’t have to be in to work till 2pm! (if I go at all). I like your idea of hot cocoa and tea – I even have some in stock! (but I’m off to Rutters for milk and to return a Redbox movie)

  3. I would prefer the 100 degrees then driving on icy roads. Bring on the swimming pool! BTW, tell Jason if I still had my dodge I’d help him get up that driveway. Though he’s been good entertainment watching him go up then back down then go up again!

    1. Trina – Jason said he should have bought your Dodge. I think he just needs new tires. But, we’re glad you’ve been entertained – I’ve been entertained too, watching him from this end! (by the way – I told him to take my Dodge tomorrow with the icy conditions and all 🙂 )

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