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Worrying: Preventative Care?

How do you deal with stress?  Do you try to control circumstances?  Do you laugh your way through it?  Do you develop canker sores or stomach ulcers?  Do you call up a friend?  Do you retreat into your own thoughts?  Do you worry?

I just refuse to think about it.  Which is odd, because in general, I love to think.  But I guess it depends on the situation.  Here are some of the worries I have which, from time to time lately, have been forcing themselves up into my conscience thought.

Worry #7:  My daughter’s future self image – will she struggle with anorexia or bulimia?  I struggled with anorexia a bit in highschool.  This was before the time of much surfing on the web, text messaging, Facebook, and all the other stuff that keeps us all well connected.  Anorexia is highly competitive.  Thank goodness my friends were much smarter than I.  Had I someone, besides my own scale (which to this day I do not own), to compare my progress with, I think things would have been much worse, for much longer.  Did you know that there are pro-anorexia and bulimia websites out there which gives inspiration, motivation, and advise to it’s readers?  The ultimate success story of an anorexic ends in death.  

So far, Noel loves to eat and to eat all types of food.  I am so tickled with this!  My job right now is to teach her how to eat with balance & health. 

Worry #4: Ethan’s academic progress – will he always have to work so hard for his grades?  Ethan struggles with reading and this year it is starting to affect his other subjects.  He is a hard worker though, and I am so proud of him.  What is my job right now for this?  To help him study.  To teach him responsibility and encourage independence.  To read with him (groan).  To build up his self confidence.

Worry #12: Helping my husband through the Police Academy.  As my kids have said, “Mommy, you’re the only one not in school!”  But I am going through school.  I’m going through 2nd grade, 4th grade, and in a couple of days I’ll start the Police Academy.  Don’t call us in the evenings.  We’ll all be studying.

 Worry #1: The new schedule and impending adjustments illicit much concern (possible border-line worry).  Life got more hectic (although more focused & simple), when I started my job last year.   We all had to adjust to life with a wife/mommy who worked outside the home and who didn’t come home till 6-6:30.  We’re getting pretty good at it now.  But in one week, things will change again.  And again we’ll have to accommodate newness in our routine and schedule.  We’ll have to be flexible.  I’ll have to be a little more selfless (again, groan).  Jason won’t be home to start supper, to start the homework hour, to throw a load of dishes in the washer … my job list has just gotten longer.  And instead of pouting and becoming bitter, I will suck it up and remind myself that this is ordinary life.  So many other families are dealing with similar routines and schedules. 

Worry #46: (yeah, this isn’t the top worry – but that’s just because I refuse to think about it much) Having a cop as a husband, which equals danger danger danger.  Like I just wrote – I don’t think about this much, but I would be writing a false sentence if I implied that I never worried about it.  It does cross my mind from time to time.  One has to think about it if one is to have a plan B.  🙂  (there’s the control freak coming out – having a plan B … as well as a plan C.  These plans have been in place ever since I’ve had children because their daddy is a hunter, I’ve just tweaked them a bit).

Pending worry #85: fluoride and kids.  Should I or shouldn’t I give them the vitamin which gives them this bit of tooth health?  The new studies are a bit negative.  I think my kids are fine.  Besides the fact that I have yet to fill that vitamin prescription (from this past Summer), and the overwhelming glopping toothpaste evidence on their sink which indicates that very little toothpaste actually makes it into their mouths (assuming we have toothpaste with fluoride), and the fact that my kids only go to the dentist once a year (and receive fluoride treatments once a year), I think that if the fluoride ruling becomes “a little goes a long way”, than we’re good. 

Worry #2:  Is it normal to have a cough which lasts a couple of months?  Is it a virus from hell, allergy related, or is this more asthma related?  When should I go back to the doctor’s?  I don’t want to be a pest.  And NyQuil invokes involuntary convulsions.  I hate that stuff, but it helps me sleep.

Worry #10: When will the MS symptoms begin?  I have this shadowy fear that I’ll come down with MS.  My right big toe has been numb for half a year.  My left eyebrow twitches. Sometimes I trip.

There are more.  But I fear I may be alienating you.  Surely you don’t worry about health, academics, and life’s busy-ness?  Do you have a plan B too?

Is worrying your preventative care plan?


4 thoughts on “Worrying: Preventative Care?

  1. I love how you share your life so openly, Emily! During the past two years or so, I’ve developed a habit of comfort eating while I’m worrying. And, considering all that’s happened over the past two years, you can imagine what lovely things this does to my waistline:) I really admire you for going back to work and now supporting Jason so wholeheartedly while he’s going back to school. I’m sure this will be a huge adjustment for all of you…..again. I find that sometimes I have to think more of the big picture to keep my sanity. That although this time in my life is very difficult, there are sure to be so many rewards and blessings coming in a few years from all of our sacrifice and hard work. You’re going through the valley right now, but the mountain top is just around the bend!

    1. Thanks for commenting Heather! I am soooooo thrilled Jason’s been hired as a police officer – these past couple of weeks have been a time for celebration for that. But you’re right, we’re about to enter into a time of adjustment. Let the hard work begin! Sometimes that bigger perspective gets eclipsed by the smaller one. “The renewing of your mind” will need to become my daily habit!

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