God Stop: Gift of Remembrance

 A couple of years ago my Grandma was in the hospital with a bad tear in her aorta.  We didn’t expect her to survive it.  So everyone who could, traveled to Ohio to say goodbye to her.  I remember telling a friend, before I left, that I hadn’t talked to Grandma in months, even though I kept feeling God nudging me to do so.  I felt so guilty for the time I wasted.  My friend told me, “Emily, there is no time in heaven.  When she gets there, she will turn around and you will be there too.”   

Have you ever worried about forgetting the little things about a loved one once they’re gone?  Parts of their character that gets lost among the depths of your memory?  A certain tonal quality to their voice, the proud carriage in their posture, that certain twinkle in their eye. 

Many times I remember – I just miss experiencing.

Every once-in-a-while, I get a patient in the office who reminds me of my Grandma.  Such was the case today.  I was taking care of an older lady today and was struck by the sound of her voice and the character she presented – it was like Grandma was peeking out through her to me.  She even told me she had received a couple of epidurals due to her pain – like Grandma. 

I miss my Grandma.  Her wit, humor, pride.  That twinkle.

God gave me a gift today.  He reminded me that even though she’s in heaven, my Grandma is still very real.


2 thoughts on “God Stop: Gift of Remembrance

  1. Oh, Rambler Girl this post was very moving- and precious.
    What a great reminder for us to never allow a day to pass and not say “I love you” to our precious family members…… thank you.

    Isn’t it soothing to know we do have those wonderful memories of our loved ones?
    As difficult as their passing may be….. time gives us their memories- God gives us the opportunity.

    And thank you for commenting on my photos…… we really do like it here. : )

  2. Lisa -thank you so much for your words! There are some things that hit me out of no-where – a person walking by who looks like a loved one, a laugh that sounded like her’s, a movie scene that you know would have made her laugh so hard … and when they happen I am so thankful, yet it is so painful too. It’s an odd coupling of emotion.

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