Emily @ 9 & 13


So last night I read through some of my journal entries ranging from my 3rd grade year to my senior year where I first started dating Jason.  This morning my kids were reading my 3rd grade journal entries and we all shared a few laughs at 9 year old Emily’s expense.  I thought it would be fun to post some of those written words and also words from a letter 13 year old Emily wrote to 18 year old Emily.  You may have permission to laugh at those silly girls – I know I did.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1988

Mom and dad was mean to me today!!  I was sad.  I was washing the dishis and I sprade water on some things I got in chrubl.

Friday, Jan. 8, 1988

Today I went sleding.  It was fun I fell in the puodl (puddle).  My foot was really wet.  Then we went sledding on the big hill.

Saturday, Jan. 23, 1988

I went swimming it was fun.  I hit my head on the bodom of the swimming pool.

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 1988

Today dad said that tomorrow I can put my mony in the bank I cant wate.

Friday, Feb. 12, 1988

today after school we whent to Andrew and Matthew.  Matthew is 6 years old and he loves me.


I think I love a boy his name is Jake I don’t know if he loves me but I will try to find out.


today I do not think he loves me but I don’t like him any more I ges.  I hate him.


today I did not go to school I was sick Luke did not bring home my work.


today I was sick to but tom was sick all the das I was sick to but I was sicker.

Thursday, August

Today I had to go up in my room 2 times because of my brothers I hate them very much I hate mom to.

I feel I should take this opportunity to apologize to my family.  There was a lot of loving and hating going on.  If you could read the whole journal, you would find that most days I described as “fun”. 

Here is a letter I wrote at age 13 to myself at age 18.  The teacher sent me the letter in the mail during my senior year in high school.

June 9, 1992

To My Darling Hero,

I’m sitting here in (I mean on) my seat at my desk. Pd.2 English Class, Miss Bolton.  Soon the elm. kids will be – they already started the anounsments.  Remember that?  well, now that you got the picture, please allow myself to continue on with my letter to myself. 

I do think I am pretty intellegent.  my friends would not agree.  Do they still pick on me?  I’m always thinking.  I think out my problems.  When I get home from school I usually eat, then sleep and think.  Do I still do this?  Does Dan, and Luke still complain when I read and think?they just don’t understand.  I am quite humorus.  I always have my friends laughing at me.  I have reached my goal of my weight; 95 pounds!  Aren’t you proud of myself?  I’m five foot.  How much do you weigh and your height?  I hope I don’t look offending!  But I’m sure I won’t.  I’m going to get contacts in 8th grade.  Can’t wait!  Do I still have zits and blackheads on my chin?  I hope not!  I am skinny and not tan.  Oh well.  I do not want to change anything, I am quite happy as I am!

You still like Penn State don’t you?  What about the sweatshirts?  I only have one pair of jeans.  Can you believe that?  Sure you can, you were there!  I think T-shirts are cool and comfortable.  Is ——- still my good friend?  She’s embarrasing isn’t she?  ——— is a good friend.  Can’t imagine her not being  your friend!  ——— is a great new friend of mine.  I hope she’s your friend.  ———- and ———- are crazy aren’t they?  Does ————— still complement me on my burping at lunch?  ————- is a good friend of mine.  But you know that.  And of course we can’t forget ————-!  My life long, (almost) friend!  Some of the guys that I had a crush on was ——- (he is still cute, isn’t he) —————, but now I know I would only like him as a friend.  My guy friends are, ————-, and —————-, just to name a few.  I like Whose The Boss, Family Matters, and The Young Riders on T.V.  There are many more, the trends are today are probably different than your time in the future.  I wear no socks.  (don’t worry, nobody died yet) rolled up shorts, and umbros.  I have no umbros.  Los Angelis has just gone through a huge riot but I need not go into details, you already know.  Racism is big, and so is aids.  The election is coming up and dad is voting for the millionaire!  And there is still abortion. 

I plan to go to collage, although I do not know where yet.  I must be well educated to know what things I should write about.  An example, I am going to write about a girl in the Civil war times, or something, I would need to know a lot about the Civil war.  You can see this comes in handy.  But that will be only my serious hobby.  My career, intill I get married, will be a real estate agent.  I’ll probably sell Dan’s houses he constructs.  But when I’m in high school, my job would be, maybe, something to do along the lines of working with kids.  Or work at a store.  I plan to have a Voltswagon  for my car.  Perferably a convertible one.  When I’m out of collage, I’ll probably have an apartment, untill I get married.  I’ll live in Pennsylvania, near mom and dad, so if I need money, (although I don’t think I’ll ever have the horror of finding myself bankedrupt) I’ll go to them, for a small loan of course.  The kinds of guys I’ll date, (and of course they’ll be lining up on my doorstep) must be as I have listed.  He must care and understand me, (that may be hard to find, but I’m picky) he must be funny and talkative, and he must be taller than me.  Of course he wouldn’t be a real human if he didn’t have a temper, so I think he should have one.  And once I find my man, I’ll demand to get married to him.  (Just kidding, he’ll suggest it beforeI do that!)  I’ll have three kids, and once I have the first one I will quit my job as a real estate agent.  I forgot to mention when I get married I will move to Canada.  I think it’s a beautiful country, but maybe I’ll just have a summer home there.  I’ll live in a country house with a big kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms, five bedrooms, (good luck finding a five bedroom house for under $200,00) and a study.  My yard must be big, and it will have a shaded pond with an island in the middle, and a single weeping willow in the center.  My dream house right?  I hope not!  But anyway, I hope to fulfill my images of my life in the future.  I hope to be a wife and have kids, (did I mention the name of my one girl?  Well it’s Esther Maree Elizabeth her last name.  Sounds neat doesn’t it?) and be a well known author.  And that concludes my letter to myself.  I hope you have been entertained, and keep practasing the guitar. (did mom and dad ever get me that one I liked?)

Your beloved self,

E.S. Smoker

(my Author name)



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