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Cartoon Clouds

Today’s white/grey puffy clouds looked almost cartoonish against the stark autumn sky – in the style of the Garfield cartoon, kinda bubbly bulgy with popping dimensions.

That’s what I was thinking as I was driving today.  Cartoon Clouds. 

I was also struck with gratitude for all that the Lord has brought us through within these past couple of years, to finally have a bit of a broader perspective, to see his hand through it all.  There were days months last year that I just decided not to look or think about God.  I had very little indication that he was around.  My companion was Distraction and Numbness.  I wasn’t paying attention to him.  I am now.

And I see his hand all over that time. 

Sometimes my heart is just too full of emotion, making words  hard to find.


Give it to me!

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